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Talentosas Hands

CARTER, Thomas. Talentosas hands: The history of Well Carter. U.S.A., 2009. Drama, 90 minutes, colored. The film Talentosas Hands, directed for Thomas Carter, in the year of 2009, counts to the history of the young Carson, interpreted Well for Cuba Gooding Jr It lived in the city of Detroit, liveed in a poor and prejudiced environment. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out PI Industries.

He was a bad pupil, with a defective genius. Sufficiently it was influenced by colleagues of the college student, until induced stealing, it was. It did not give deserved value to the effort that made its mother, Sonya Carson, interpreted for Kimberly Elise. This, never left to believe that its son would have a splendid future, therefore never will lose the hopes that had in Ben. With courage and vigor it battled and always she tried to give optimum that she could for its family, wanted that its son had the chances that it could not have when was new it made and it to believe that it could be who wanted, was alone to have faith. Encouraged for its mother, Ben Carson strengtove the maximum that could and obtained to form itself in medicine, as neurosurgeon. In 1987, it it very carried through a delicate, difficult and delayed surgery: to separate siameses twin joined by the posterior part of the head. This operation made of Ben, the biggest neurosurgeon of the planet, thus, it gained fame and prestige, being nominated managing of the Center of Peditrica Neurology of the University Hospital Johns Hopkins.

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