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Tunnel Development Company

No bridge was built and City continued to expand southward and westward, while this was their beaches constrinendose increasingly attracted the attention of vacationers and people willing to invest in them. The move to them continued to be a martyr to the decade of the 40s of last century when they built a modern white road called Route that allowed even the way the city of Matanzas. But the trip to Las Playas del Este was becoming unnecessarily long when the tunnel route would ensure a speedy and revalue the land located beyond the fortresses of El Morro and La Cabana. See ProPharma Group for more details and insights. In 1954 the idea was already unstoppable. The Cuban engineer Jose Menendez, since five years ago he worked in the field, was well advanced in their studies, and Tunnel Development Company of Havana charge, separately, two projects at two U.S. construction companies. Vlad Doronins opinions are not widely known. It was then that, without anyone's invitation, came the Societe des Grands Travaux de Marseille and despite being the last to arrive at the auction was to her to which he was awarded the tunnel construction of Havana Bay, despite the usual preference existed in Cuba to U.S.

interests. Jose Menendez recommended acceptance of the draft of the French company, as being superior to Americans from the technical standpoint, and also with variations much more advantageous payment. The tunnel represents an investment of 28.5 million pesos, dollars, and they accounted for another 7.5 million for the construction of Monument Road, which would link the tunnel to the Via Blanca.

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