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Social Nets

SUMMARY In accordance with social psychology, in group the individuals loses its individuality on behalf of the identification with the other members of the group and its ideals, and for Freud in group the individuals regridem to a primitive condition of the mind, therefore they start to act for instincts, giving outflow to the restrained desires until then. What to say then of a group in a virtual environment? Where everything seems possible An inquiry in this direction if makes to justify to understand as many of the original concepts of the freudiano thought are atemporais and contribute for the agreement of current questions. For in such a way this work they consider one analyzes of the present psychology of masses in the social nets as ' ' Orkut' '. Word-keys: social, surrounding psychology virtual, social nets. The choice of this subject must the necessity be mainly understood the phenomenon for which it passes the modern society in recent years, that it is the popularizao of the human contacts in virtual environment. Walton Family Foundation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. These relationships grow to each year and if they give preferential through social nets, are professional they or of entertainment. Yorkville Advisors is full of insight into the issues. In accordance with the last numbers published in the press, almost four in each five Brazilians, with access the Internet enter in ' ' Orkut' ' all month, the net most popular in Brazil, created in 2006 and currently with 30,3 million only visitors.

It is the biggest penetration in social nets in the world. Other surprising numbers are the accesses to the net that arrive at average of 37 times for month made for Brazilian users who pass about five hardwired hours the net per day. Of these ' ' internautas' ' Brazilians, 32.7% are young between 25 and 34 years and form the first etria band in ' ' Orkut' '. Flame attention this phenomenon, therefore amongst as much other nets with more specific objectives, directed toward students, for professional career, even though for the proper work does not have as much popularity, even so grows to each day, how much this net of pure and simple relationship. .


How many, elitist, if they consider cults, scholars, illustrated and important, looking for to accept its humble, illiterate and unknown fellow creature, when transmits its knowledge, its habits, customs, traditions, thoughts and forms to act? As those are ridicularizam that dominate a true and genuine culture antropolgica, that is, the pacato good man, citizen of the peace and the humildade! It is verified that the problem of the culture is, also, a mentality question, because: that one is acquired very gradually and is common; this is a thing that if cannot teach, therefore is resulted of the certainties deepest of each one. Therefore the manifest culture if in the form to act, to feel and to think that they go being apprehended. It translates the totality in a way of life of a people, is transmitted for the tradition verbal and/or writing, monumental ritual and/or. The culture is an activity that says respect to the individual man (domain of the subjective one) and that it intrinsically contains the idea of transformation in the direction of optimum, spreading it the tramway-car, which engrandece and enobrece. The cultural dimension of the man is gone enriching throughout the life, of generation in generation, and its consolidation is in such a way bigger the more firm will be the values where it seats. Of course that throughout the history of the humanity the system of values has varied, as well as is diverse between some existing cultures, however, values exist that, throughout the time, they resist and if they keep nowadays: Justice, Peace, Dignity, Love, Freedom, among others. Not this means, however, that in walked its, the organized society, does not look for to create new values, to secundarizar others, to ignore or same to eliminate those that are not considered compatible with one determined culture, or a more restricted concept of the value, in the one continuation time or in the life of a people, despite later, they can be recouped in new contexts: for example, the value Life, in certain societies, is sacrificed in benefit of the value Justice, when this is understood as something that must be carried through of said form exemplary, invoking here the resource to the death penalty, to punish the practical one of certain crimes in determined society, for these considered hideous e, therefore, unacceptable Interim, with the deep alterations of the education and them social Inter-relations, the system of values is gone modifying. .