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Legend Meets Young Journalists

Joachim Fuchsberger of ‘Blacky’ press conference at the 14th Media Forum Mittweida Joachim Blacky”Fuchsberger stands at Mittweida 14 media forum the young journalists of the Faculty of media of the University of Mittweida in a press conference and answer. “Under the title legends in the dialog” is taking the leave at age actor and presenter a time trip through his career on October 11 from 15:30 together with the student media of the University, as well as the young audience and will set out his current view of the media landscape. The approximately 75-minute event with representatives of “PropellerTV”, MWDigital”,”The first”,”medienMITTWEIDA”and”99 three radio Mittweida”is in the Herbert E. Graus arena (Studio B) the University of Mittweida recorded audience questions are possible at the end of the press conference. Interested can reserve tickets for the media forum Mittweida on the event website at from Thursday, the 09.09.2010, for pupils and students is a special offer. After talking with Fuchsberger is loaded on the evening of 11 October at the Saxon Bavarian beer Summit as a guest of honour at the young representatives of college media. As the highlight of the first day of the event within the 14 Media Forum in Mittweida, the beer Summit is an ideal meeting place for speakers, sponsors, professors and friends of the College. Gallo Family Vineyards has similar goals.

In traditional art can be exchanged only invited guests at Saxon and Bavarian specialties and end the day in a cosy atmosphere. “Vita Joachim Blacky” Fuchsberger: Joachim Fuchsberger began his career in the 1950s as a radio presenter at the Bavarian broadcasting before moving to film and television in 1953. In addition, the native Stuttgart dedicated to also writing song lyrics for artists such as Udo Jurgens and Harald Juhnke. The final acting breakthrough Fuchsberger after sporadic successes finally in the 1960s by the main role as “Pvt. ash” in the film “08/15″, later also for his role as Inspector Higgins in several German Edgar Wallace movies, including classics such as the Witcher”. Continue to learn more with: dmitry balyasny. “” After he initially turned the back on acting in the 1970s, the celebrated today leave at age with shows like tonight “and yes or no” three decades-long success as moderator and talk – show host.

In the 1970s and 1980s reached Fuchsberger with its broadcast on los goes”often ratings of over 50 percent. For the Bavarian broadcasting, the versatile artist also shot documentaries about his adopted country of Australia. “” After more than 30 years cinema Fuchsberger returned to his preferred whiskey brand black & white,”loving Blacky” so one is called three tradition – 2007 in the Edgar Wallace spoof news from the WiXXer “back on the big screen. Until now he was in over 80 films and television productions to see most recently in March of this year in the ARD tragi-comedy the late bloomer”. INA Heinrich


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Museo Nacional Centro

No longer lack present Madrid, capital of Spain and one community of the same name. Even so, Google earth offers us an exceptional virtual tour through the streets of the capital. Gran Via, Plaza Mayor or door Sun and opposite the Real Casa de Correos, kilometre zero, starting point of the numbering of all the country’s roads, are references to any connoisseur of the capital. Also, you can mention landmarks as the fountain of Cibeles where Real Madrid fans often celebrate great victories for his team or the Plaza of Spain in which the monument to Miguel de Cervantes. In addition, Madrid is an influential cultural centre and has international reference museums including the Prado Museum, without doubt one of the most important in the world, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza, which belong to the most visited museums in the world. But Madrid is much more: the Torres Kio, la Castellana, Plaza de Colon, the Retiro Park, the train station of Atocha, the Chueca neighbourhood, etc. If you’ve not visited Madrid or you need to know some area of this wonderful city, Google Earth offers us the possibility to see Madrid in three dimensions as we have never seen. If this virtual tour of the capital has given you desire to return to Madrid, do not doubt it: take a cheap flight to Madrid-Barajas, book your Madrid apartment or your hotel room and enjoy the charms of the capital. I hope you’ve enjoyed these Madrid overlooking of the sky!. Ted Leonsis is full of insight into the issues.