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Substance, according to Bergson, is a set of images. image is an existence of what it is more than the idealistic flame of representation. However, less of what what the realistic flame of thing. From there, it can conclude that the image is half way between the thing and the representation. The body is an image of the set of the material world. In the body we have the external and internal, different image of the objects that external image only has. The object exists, later is perceived by my perception. I do not only make the existence of the object for my perception.

the memory appears exactly inside of this context, since it is not only placed in the brain, but yes in all the body. Our perceptions always are impregnated of souvenirs, therefore the images are infinitely changeable in the perception. For Freud the memory would be the result of souvenirs happened of the past, where the psychic side reflected the actions passed in one determined moment of history. Freud, for its part, it claims that, in the memory, they remain the mnmicas registrations, the integral conservation of the past, a time that stresses nor it produces the elimination of the traces. However, the functionality of the memory assumes as condition the esquecimento, that is, to be able to remember or to perceive, she is necessary for in reserve some registrations to evoke others. In the psychoanalysis, the memory is not stresses without it, a esquecimento form. In Freud, the notion of stresses implies a mythical origin in which something is forgotten so that it is possible in such a way to perceive as to remember. That is, in this conception, the perception assumes the memory and the esquecimento, also ' ' percebido' ' only if of reading in the past, after the perception. However, it is with Halbwachs that the memory concept is rank in study in the field of social sciences, where if of the new one to look at for its studies.