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Sports Management

This time again various aspects of sports management in the foreground are beach volleyball, professional boxing, sports sponsorship, event management, sports law the whole variety of sports management after the focus of the Second Edition on the football management. The free online journal of Sciamus considers sports and management topics such as beach volleyball, event management, professional boxing, sports sponsorship and sports law in its third edition. Frank, Dauman and Mathias Langer perform an industry structure analysis of the market for beach volleyball in Germany on the basis of the five forces model Porter. Learn more on the subject from Mark Angelo Yorkville. The observations show that the failure of the broadcast by RTL 2005 initiates changes on pages of the organizer and host in the year. The first part of the article focuses on the developments which have led to the present situation in beach volleyball and lighted the first market stakeholders. Renaissance Technologies: the source for more info. The publication of dressing and Club sanctions on the Internet represents a conflict of interest, of a legal clean solution is needed. The contribution from Torsten Sorge offers the necessary background and recommendations for a legally safe handling. Matthias Zimmermann developed a marketing mix for sports event Manager, by expanding the traditional marketing mix to a 13P-Ansatz and provides a workable tool for the daily work as the event Manager.

Markus Breuer examines the economic characteristics of professional boxing in his post. Boxer Regina Halmich, Henry Maske, the brothers Klitschko excite the fans. In contrast to the beach volleyball here the broadcast by RTL is very successful, so that other stations with box nights want to captivate the audience. Sports sponsorship is one of the areas in which huge amounts of money are invested. But investment does not affect all companies equally, and the impact on consumers varies. So, E.g.

the identification effect in men is stronger than women, so companies should worry about the correct use of their money. The contribution of Jens Zimmermann and Julia Naskrent provides fundamental insights. Also in the third edition, we asked again a top manager in the sports business after its success strategy. Michael Antonopoulos, CEO of Kieser training AG, reveals in the interview, which is the most important for him. Read the full posts free of charge:


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