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Mediterranean Sea

The Ligurian coast from the Metropolitan to the villages of the Cinque Terre – Genoa is an often overlooked gem in the North of Italy. The picturesque Ligurian coast is one of the most scenic areas of Italy. The imposing in the sea cliffs and the sleepy villages of the Cinque Terre region”are ideal destinations for a road trip across the country. No matter whether you leave the coast by car or train it is worth to get out and climb the steep slopes to explore remote villages. Far away from the big cities can best meet the authentic cuisine of Italy and the local culture. And only, because a place is secluded, does not mean, that visitors are not welcome.

On the contrary: villages of Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Manarola are popular with tourists from all over Europe. Learn more about the history of the region, in one of the offered anywhere tours through the villages (maybe find a tour in your own language) whose architectural remains date back to the time of ancient Rome. Of course, the story not with the fall of the Roman Empire ceased. Along the coast there are numerous historical treasures including the medieval castles high above the rocky coast. But Liguria offers not only plenty to see, but also much to do: the warm Mediterranean Sea offers numerous possibilities for water sports and children can search for sea anemones. Further inland to trails, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Northern Italy in peace and quiet. Liguria is often neglected by tourists on their way to Rome, Venice or Pisa, is but a very rewarding destination. Rent the best a car in Genoa, the largest city in the region to explore the area on your own.

Wonderfully explore from Genoa, Cinque Terre region can be”and the towns of Rapallo, Portofino, Portovenere, La Spezia and Chiavari. Other cities, such as for example Pisa, are within a few hours reach. No matter whether you stay in Genoa or are only in transit it is worth exploring, the city and its museums and attractions and to learn, what important role in the culture and history of Italy comes to you. In the picturesque alleys of the city also has some of the best restaurants and bars in the region.

Bauer Igloo

Kuhtai igloo village a hotel of a special kind! There are so certain wishes, from childhood on. At some point do you might not remember, but have the dream ideas anchored firmly in the heart and the head. An overnight stay in an igloo is one of these wishes. Who never asked of us as a child, as it may be to sleep in a house made of snow. Such questions have one even if one is already an adult. The idea of an igloo overnight stay is also romantic and adventurous. How may it be only to live in the eternal ice? How cold it really is in a snow and how is an igloo built well? Who would like to find an answer to these questions, should it really take into consideration to treat yourself to an unforgettable trip in the Kuhtai. Kuhtai is one of the fabled mountain resorts in all of Austria.

More specifically, Kuhtai in the Stubai Alps’s cow Tai saddle at a breathtaking altitude of 2,020 m. We are dealing here with the highest ski resort To do in Austria. Here also the dream of a night in a snow can become a reality. And who has stayed in an igloo Kuhtai once, will never forget this experience. The igloo village is just adorable. And aside from the overnight stay in an igloo in Kuhtai, you have the opportunity to experience a variety of adventurous events. No matter what winter sports like a best: each mountain fan comes here absolutely at his own expense.

On offer are for example ski and snowboard slopes or a toboggan run. The enthusiastic skaters, curling Schiesser and snowshoe hikers not to come short. Sometimes an igloo construction workshop is one of the active programs. Trained igloo Bauer have one in this old tradition. Such a program completes an overnight stay in an igloo Kuhtai ideal manner. One should not miss this opportunity!

On To The Winter Sports And The Last Snow

The hotels of the portal of quality-hotels.it combine winter sports and pleasant accommodation in one. In early spring, the idea to break again for winter sports and enjoy the last snow falls in many. Due to the proximity and the snow conditions, many for winter sports as a target South Tyrol choose. Appropriate accommodation is, of course, one of the prerequisites that you can still even really taste last winter holiday of the year. On you can enjoy winter sports and the last snow with the hotel offers on quality-hotels.it. To know more about this subject visit PI Industries. The hotels of the portal of quality-hotels.it combine winter sports and pleasant accommodation in one. Currently sounding out season again-many hotels in South Tyrol offer appropriate arrangements, in order to enjoy the last snow. South Tyrol is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts.

Ski and snowboarding, sledding and snowshoeing, these are the sports associated with snow in South Tyrol. There until well into the spring in South Tyrol snow, one can you in the next few weeks are still on for winter sports in South Tyrol make. On quality-hotels.it, different variations offer to book his winter vacation. Passionate skiers are sure immediately press the rider of ski Hotels South Tyrol. Numerous hotels that have listings for skiers in the program explicitly hidden behind. Who cares for the snowshoe hiking and want to enjoy the last snow in this way, comes about snowshoe hiking South Tyrol to its destination. “In addition, can you at all hotels on the page corresponding arrangements under the motto to winter sports” locate.

Snow is not scarce in South Tyrol. Each hotel can be accessed on the white splendour, therefore, each hotel offers an offer that you can enjoy the last snow. It must also not necessarily be for winter sports. A romantic ride on the horse-drawn sleigh through the snow-covered mountains is an unforgettable experience. Company profile: The portal is brandnamic of the company operated from Brixen. The page aims to enable the search for hotels in South Tyrol easily and quickly. The offered hotels are selected according to strict criteria. Therefore, only the most beautiful, cheapest or best hotels of in South Tyrol on this page can be found. The hotels in categories are divided for more clarity and a faster and more convenient reaching of his goal. Furthermore, the company operates brandnamic full service marketing agency and provides the realization of Web projects, Web design, search engine optimization and programming.

Tirol Airports

The characteristics of the airports not normally in the foreground are challenges of the airport Innsbruck when choosing a vacation destination. However, there are airports, ensuring strong adrenaline with travellers, as well as on the part of the flight crew. It’s believed that Steven Holl sees a great future in this idea. The flight Portal fluege.de reported why a landing in Innsbruck means pure tension. Especially winter vacationers travel to Tirol and the city of Innsbruck in Austria. The arrival is possible via different routes, because anyone looking for Innsbruck airport, train station or good possibilities for access by car, will find it readily. However, the air is very fast and exciting.

Before the holiday can begin for the traveller, the approach requires the special skills of the pilots, finally, due to its location in a narrow valley, the airport in the mountainous region belongs to the most challenging airports. In addition come the difficult wind conditions, which always pose a challenge even for experienced pilots. For this reason, pilots are the airport Innsbruck control, rely on a special training. The airport of Innsbruck was built in 1925, but he was still elsewhere and moved only after the second world war to the present location. Since then has not stopped developing. The airport experienced a real boom since the late of 1970s, when Charter flights have been increasingly popular. The number of passengers is increasing thanks to the winter sports and the airport will be expanded. Today, aircraft of many airlines in Innsbruck land every day.