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Benedict Ferraro

But would be mimese a condition human being or a rejection of the favour disclosed in Jesus Christ? This question is opportune when we perceive the present violence in the same world after the sacrifice of Jesus. When our parties of Christmas, far from representing the simplicity and the implications of a God who if becomes human being, continue being the party of who can and of who it has, feeding a fallacious reading of the joy who involves the event and camouflaging the violence that more if does not restrict to the universe of the religious sacrifices, but inhabits the world of men in all its meandros and with all its nuances. The logic of God is not the logic of the market In Jesus, God surpasses the logic of the cruentos sacrifices for the social balance, therefore it offers yourself as innocent victim and what it emerges of this gratuitousness is not the armistice, but the disruption with this same logic that, still today, continues to demand sacrifices. But which would be the difference enters the sacrifices of the mimtico desire and the sacrifice of Jesus? For one better clarification, we cite Jlio de Santa Ana, in the workmanship of Benedict Ferraro, great professor and assessor of the communities of base in Brazil: ‘ ‘ the first one is vitimrio. As it is martirial. The first one preserves the iniquity of the system. Rubio often expresses his thoughts on the topic. As redentora’ has a dimension; ‘. One is imposed as obligator, the other is gratuitous, fruit of an option for the love. Examples of the disruption with this logic, in its life do not lack: ‘ ‘ it turns another face ‘ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ Cesar what he is of Cesar ‘ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ he pardons seventy times seven ‘ ‘.. Rubio oftentimes addresses this issue.


Through the evolution, searching always to evolve, therefore evolving of wise form I will only be treading the way of return to the God, therefore God is evolution and the act to be incarnate and in constant evolution reflects the necessity to evolve and to despertarmos each time plus a raised degree of conscience, so that thus also let us come to become us ‘ ‘ faris’ ‘ luminous in the evolucionista way of our fellow creature. Through the life, therefore living deeply our life and intempries of our ways it only is that we will develop the state of hardeness necessary that in supplies the accurate measure to them to love without suffocating, to know without judging, of being just without being cruel, to exert the law without being tyrannous, to have faith in the life and to believe that all we are part of an immense shoal of fish in which we lose in them and that only in congregating and helping mutually, we will go to reencontrar this ‘ ‘ cardume’ ‘ luminous that he is God and its cut of beings the holy ghosts, to evolve transmutando our feelings thus to evolve of harmonious form in a way with as much adversity, to put it is a odd school of God that teach in them to respect and to coexist the differences, therefore if we are different in the appearance, I add equal in the origin, therefore all let us prove of God. finally the certain measure of living, therefore living all these feelings, all this adversity of thoughts, cultures, ideologies, religions, etc, only is that we will become in them capable to receive and to help to all without no distinction, as well as makes love-of-milk, when yields its seio that is the source of the life to annul something negative that it is the hunger and to supply just been born of food that its lives support, not mattering if they are its children or not, therefore the true mother assumes this condition before God and starts to vibrate in summons the unconditional and maternal love of God that is Father and Mother of all its children, independent of color, creed or race..