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URL Shortener

So-called short URL s are primarily used in microblogging services such as Twitter. But in the Web 2.0 portals is because of the limited input options for status messages with shortened URL s. Tinyurl.com, bit.ly and tweetburner.com are the most popular URL Shortener. Shortened links have two major drawbacks, it is not entirely clear whether these links contribute to the improved link popularity of a website talk by Google real backlinks are seen as the linking page about inherited their PageRank. And the life of this and all other services that keep coming up in the net, is not certain. This means that links is known for always staying at the network, will disappear if these services disappear from the scene.

In the meantime, Google has its own URL shorter – goo.gl. The Google shorter offers obviously four significant advantages compared to the conventional left Shorteners: longevity of links. Google seems prepared best against all crises of this world to be. Therefore, it will be Google expected to be long and the shortened links are likely to remain as valid indefinitely. Probably Google sees the even shorter links than real backlinks, because the benefits of short URLs is now an important part of Web 2.0. A link for search engines considered a recommendation and guide to the content.

Since this kind of URL outside more and more use of Twitter, search engines can no longer ignore these URLs. The URL’s are currently still very short maximum 18-20 characters. And, the Google URL shorter was one click statistics you can use to track very well the click behavior (Twitter) visitors a downer there but also to the Google URL-shortened story: Google has made a further outlet for information which directly information about user behavior is delivered and probably saved by Google. Also the longurl.org offers a very interesting service. This shortened URL’s can be back in the original, long URL’s turn back. There is information on the topic of search engine optimization here: goo.gl/8oiFa

Oracle Zeitlauf

This award will inspire certainly us to another creative templates in the branding.” Clemens Kalb head of TYPO3 at netlogix, considers the creative collaboration of the partners who brought their specific strengths to the project, a key of to success: In the course of the project many developments of the original idea have arise, which could be successfully implemented thanks to the close coordination between the parties involved. Our experience with TYPO3 from other projects and participation in the TYPO3 development team have helped us to create the technical conditions for requests from Zeitlauf such as the hierarchical integration of other engine components in the product selection. In conjunction with the online Configurator offers the customers of the company Zeitlauf the visually appealing and functional design implementation of da CAPO comfort in the selection and ordering of the products. We glad to contribute a small piece to success from Zeitlauf with this solution!”the winner award shows us that we provide with our ideas for new standards once again. Not only in drive technology, but also on the World Wide Web. But without the professional and creative support of our partners that would not have been possible. The advertising agency since kapo has accompanied us throughout the project very professionally, the programming implementation by netlogix is performance at the highest level. And with sustained success”, as Thomas Horz, Managing Director of the company Zeitlauf GmbH Antriebstechnik & Co KG.

Under the auspices of the competition has taken over the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi). The representative of the middle class of the BMWI, the Parliamentary State Secretary Hartmut Schauerte presented the awards. Partner of the competition are the company DATEV, Fujitsu Siemens computers, Microsoft, Oracle, and Pricewaterhouse-Coopers. About da CAPO da kapo is a part of since 1986 to the most prestigious owner-managed Agenturen in the region. The range of services includes strategic brand management and maintenance with integrated communication classic and new media and the interdisziplinare alignment. Their special commitment already introduced the Furthern in regard to the Personalmanagement an award as a top employer in Germany. Bavaria is the only excellent companies among the TOP100 for outstanding innovative achievements and the successful think tank as KommunikationsdienstLeister several times.

Netlogix about netlogix is a vendor-independent service provider for complex IT infrastructures. The divisions systems, training and media offer consulting, sales and support of hardware and software, with a focus on server and network solutions as well as Communication and security infrastructures, individual software development, IT training and the design of interactive communication systems a comprehensive range of services. Since the year 2000, the company belongs to the leading system vendors and providers of IT training in Northern Bavaria. The Media Division can look back on a number of successfully implemented Internet – and efforts. Alice Klee consulting, corporate communication, since kapo creative advertising GmbH