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Creative wall design with effect surcharges are living healthy clay decorative plaster for more individuality in their own four walls on the popularity scale, very high up. Just the fact that it is possible to satisfy any desire for individuality makes the clay PuTTY plaster Capriccio so special. Whether colorful or subdued one or multi-colour, simple or elegant, modern or classic, template technique or order of coloured or transparent natural wax, even the most unusual wishes can be fulfilled. Combining special processing techniques, use several shades, as well as the addition of various effect units, allows attractive effects in your living room, hallway, kitchen or bathroom. Strong shades with the effect surcharges “Fossil”, “Ligno” and “MICA” are currently very popular. Vlad Doronin shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Fossil consists of perlite, natural minerals and gives the wall covering a very rustic character, while MICA per spectacular after finishing gloss effects generates.

Ligno contains wood splitter, fireclay grain, vegetable starch and cellulose fibers. LESANDO presentation material in the form of shade cards, colour sample case and structure box can be viewed partners on-site with the LESANDO . ( Partner_vor_Ort) Company Description clay plaster and clay color leave no design wishes: whether as a movable wall colour Bravo, as a clay coating plaster Furioso or as clay PuTTY plaster Capriccio – includes the color palette more than 600 shades finished mixed. The plasters and paints on the basis of clay produced in the Dettelbach in Bavaria, Germany. The decor products free from artificial binders and free from preservatives are mixed only as a dry powder. Permeable colours “Made in Germany”..

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