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Trade Licensing Office

The activities of private recruitment agencies focuses on job placement and recruitment. The non-recurrence of mediation monopoly in 1994 by the European Court of Justice was at the same time to the birth of the new personnel branch, whose fields covered by job placement, recruitment and temporary jobs. The sole right of labour offices, to provide free jobs to unemployed persons and job-seekers referred to as mediation monopoly, was delineated in Germany since 1927 by law. The Act on job placement and unemployment insurance “to the private placement was even banned. According to a special regulation, the Federal Agency was allowed to while people give arranging jobs in order, but only for actors and artists. A judgment of the European Court of Justice from 1991 to was this mediation monopoly found incompatible with EU law, so that it was repealed in 1994.

His disappearance became their subjects at the same time to the birth of the new personnel branch Employment, recruitment and the temporary work are. Was launched in this context, the new profession of private employment agencies (PAV), as well as the services defined as personnel management or personnel services by the legislator and regulated. This continues to permit subject to the detailed regulation by the social code since no longer, yet it is subject to March 2002. Especially as the private placement as a free trade may be exercised, the usual duty to register with the competent commercial office is for. The mandatory protection provisions of relevant trade regulations are not met, the Trade Licensing Office is entitled to prohibit the practice of the trade. The activities of private recruitment agencies focuses on job placement and recruitment. For this, they act as objective intermediary between workers and companies. They help workers on the one hand, the matching jobs search, on the other hand the employers who are looking for the staff.

It must here between Employment and recruitment agencies are distinguished: recruitment is the placement of suitable jobs to workers who are hard to convey in the modern labour market, it is for reasons of age or because of lack of qualification. In this case, the recruiters are striving to fulfil all hopes and wishes of jobseekers as satisfactory. To ensure a successful job placement, the private employment agencies as temporary employment agencies who hire job-seekers as their employees act. In the form of temporary work they convey them then as temporary workers to appropriate companies that can save staff costs as a result. Distant support them their employees to use their existing experience and to collect new. The recruitment, however, are mostly highly skilled professionals, which are not so easy to find in the labour market. The recruitment aims to seek suitable candidates according to the staff requirement for a company to find and ultimately the company successfully to convey. As a customer of private employment agencies, the companies benefit from individual solutions that are offered them, because they can save lot of time and costs for recruitment here. Hans Becker