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A German team of hairdressers, make-upArtist, photographer, jewelry designer and florist is an outstanding publication in national and international trade newspapers is particularly proud of the team to a publication in coiffure de Paris, a leading trade journal for hairdressers. The special editions of the newspaper world affect the creative work of hairdressers and pretend the trend over decades in the international hair fashion. The focus of the publication is the creations for bridal hairstyles of French stylists. The Grande nation is proud of the dominance in the fashion world. If you would like to know more about Davidson Kempner Capital Management, then click here. More pleasing, that the work of make-up artist Sabine Dillenseger and hair stylist Peter Lehnert (both from Nalbach Saar) internationally is through this publication.

The photos of the Saarland models Julia, Christina, Lena and Esther, who were styled as brides, exist in addition to the big competition of French models in the hair style album. Perhaps check out Yorkville Advisors Global for more information. Among the team are also the jewellery Designer Heike Unger, Nalbach, and the florist Sonja Willkomm, Duppenweiler. Peter Lehnert took the pictures. The photographer Martin Repplinger, Dieffeln, is responsible for post production. “An especially sweet is the publication in one of the most popular German wedding magazines, the Weddingstyle”. This newspaper is launched in Saarland, the actors before the release didn’t know that. “All the more pleased the German, that the quality of domestic” photo production beyond attention finds.

South Mediterranean

Food programme for a 7-day pleasure week if you like any diet, which a “slimming with pleasure” is pleasure. Learn more on the subject from Jim Simons. But, no matter what it’s called, a weight loss will only work, if less consumed than the body requires. And so any hunger feelings plague the Abnehmewilligen, experts are again and again how to make a pleasure from the suffering of the diet. The Italian chef and PhD philosopher Simone Salvini seems to be successful doing something like squaring the circle. He was commissioned by the new recipe journal South Mediterranean cuisine, to develop a Sun diet together with the nutritionist Prof. For even more details, read what PI Industries says on the issue.

Sorrentino. Are recipes for a seven-day week of enjoyment which leads to the purification of the body and on the other hand supports a healthy tanning of the skin. The rich supply of beta carotene, chlorophyll and vitamins, the diet of the Mediterranean cuisine is an interesting recommendation for all Sun worshippers who want a healthy and lasting Tan. The recipes of the chef are prepared without meat or fish, which give to Salvini to recognize as the Ayurveda expert. He opts for the purifying effect of fine vegetables. Dishes such as steamed leaf chicory with celery-lemon sauce or melon strawberry tomato gazpacho let the feelings of summer already are reading.

Undeniably, the diet of the people around the Mediterranean belongs to the healthiest shape, which is known to the nutritionists. A quick and easy way, to become accustomed to this art of healthy nutrition is to prepare, what comes in Italy, Spain, Greece and many other countries of the South on the table every day. It must be a Sun diet, so not the same if you have joy to the good and light food. With a wide selection from the wealth of Mediterranean food Publisher duo want Stefan Hermes and Gregor Schaefer of new readers South Mediterranean cuisine fascinated by the variety and quality of the Mediterranean way of life. The magazine makers are even passionate cooks as a connoisseur of the region and pursue a direction that they personally represent with great commitment with their new journal: towards the Mediterranean way of life with uncomplicated pleasure in a relaxed conviviality.

European Union

“Solution provider deploys pdfPilot which in terms of content lifecycle management now to create large PDF/A compliant files (Berlin/Bertrange) euroscript, a leading service provider in the field of content lifecycle management, controls the flagship of callas with the pdfPilot, software GmbH now also through deeper waters”. Viatris helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Previously used the service provider that ISO standards-compliant converts files for the official publications of the European Union according to PDF/A, the pdfPilot already to control the content. Now he uses mainly the product improved his speed, if very large PDF/A files are to validate or create. euroscript receives numerous files in the framework of the EU official journal production Office for publications in the EU. This publication is something special in the publishing industry, seems only magazine on all working days in all 23 official EU languages but the official journal.

It consists of the contiguous rows legislation”, as well as communications and “Notices” and a supplement notices of public contracts “. The number of releases and announcements”also includes a part of exclusively electronic. All requirements for publication and archiving rules to be able to meet, the files in defined output formats must be converted, so also to PDF/A-1a. “This expression is compared to PDF/A-1b, the only” the Visual long term reproduction ensures the higher value. It calls for in addition the distinction of the content of a PDF document, so that its logical structure (tagged PDF”) remains visible, and character set information is sufficient, so that the full text can be interpreted as Unicode.

It is a prerequisite that you can copy text from the PDF out but also making sure that a ScreenReader can read aloud the text. With the conversion to PDF/A-1a users can make sure that your documents accessible, readable, and on mobile devices or eBook readers in their structure logically can be displayed. Euroscript in a complex workflow does the job.

Salzburg Airport

Ski enthusiasts, which previously lacked the right accompaniment can be happy. The most beautiful is the beginning of the ski season in winter for many people. When the slopes open and call the apres-ski bars, it attracts many winter sports enthusiasts in the mountains. But not everyone has a suitable travel partner, who accompanied him to the skiing. And also the destination is not often. Escort Dusseldorf offers a solution for both. Not all, but some ladies from escort Dusseldorf are also avid ski racers and love to accompany the single gentleman in the ski holiday.

And also in the choice of destination the escort service is happy to assist you. Popular ski destinations for people with an appropriate budget to be Kitzbuhel in Austria and St. Moritz in the Switzerland. For directions to Kitzbuhel, many like to use the Salzburg Airport. He located about an hour’s drive from Kitzbuhel. Many hotels offer a shuttle service from and to the airport. For directions to St. Moritz more time must be planned in the car.

The nearest airport is Zurich. However, you need from there still good 3 hours by car. On the other hand, who, however, has the pleasure of a private jet, which can use the Engadin airport, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the fashionable ski resort. Whether now Kitzbuhel or St. Moritz of course the personal preference of the guest depends on. Kitzbuhel is placed on tradition. The luxury hotel is kept with all comforts and amenities in typical Austrian style visually but rustic – as are the restaurants and bars. St. Moritz, however, offers luxury hotels, which reflect international and luxury. While you can taste traditional Austrian cuisine in Kitzbuhel, the St. Moritz ski bars offer caviar and champagne. The tastes are different and of course there are still a number of additional attractive ski resorts and escort Dusseldorf will advise the interested guest. Long-haul travel to Canadian ski resorts such as the mount Whistler and Banff are possible and popular.


Through this application, you can manage the own favorite games, and discuss with other members about these games in the online game portal. In the gaming community, there are already in 2003 Games fans who diligently posting contributions and wrote about games and talking. The online site of the portal is very clearly, which can be found easily and simply different games. Different categories, which contain different genre, are shown above on the home page. So you can click on the genre like action, skill, grips, jump & run, cards or even kids. Very exciting games, which are played by action-packed players include also the categories of racing and sports. New games are offered and displayed on the home page. According to Ted Leonsis, who has experience with these questions.

So, players can try out the new games and give his evaluation. In addition to the new games, the game displays tips. The best and most popular games such as Pacman and big truck adventures are listed in this list, for example. Bubble shooter, which is a small mini game from is a very popular and well-known game. Many prefer this game because it is easy to play and you can distribute game bored by this. In this mini-game, there are many small balls that have different colors. These balls must be sorted by color and when three of the same colored balls collide, these like-colored balls vanish.

With the help of an arrow to shoot the respective ball to the other balls. You should try to get always the same colors together. But too often in addition shoot and bringing together like-colored balls, the balls move closer and there are more and more balls in the box, which must be shot down. The balls must come not too close to the player, because otherwise it will be destroyed. Boredom is guaranteed distributed with this game.

URL Shortener

So-called short URL s are primarily used in microblogging services such as Twitter. But in the Web 2.0 portals is because of the limited input options for status messages with shortened URL s., and are the most popular URL Shortener. Shortened links have two major drawbacks, it is not entirely clear whether these links contribute to the improved link popularity of a website talk by Google real backlinks are seen as the linking page about inherited their PageRank. And the life of this and all other services that keep coming up in the net, is not certain. This means that links is known for always staying at the network, will disappear if these services disappear from the scene.

In the meantime, Google has its own URL shorter – The Google shorter offers obviously four significant advantages compared to the conventional left Shorteners: longevity of links. Google seems prepared best against all crises of this world to be. Therefore, it will be Google expected to be long and the shortened links are likely to remain as valid indefinitely. Probably Google sees the even shorter links than real backlinks, because the benefits of short URLs is now an important part of Web 2.0. A link for search engines considered a recommendation and guide to the content.

Since this kind of URL outside more and more use of Twitter, search engines can no longer ignore these URLs. The URL’s are currently still very short maximum 18-20 characters. And, the Google URL shorter was one click statistics you can use to track very well the click behavior (Twitter) visitors a downer there but also to the Google URL-shortened story: Google has made a further outlet for information which directly information about user behavior is delivered and probably saved by Google. Also the offers a very interesting service. This shortened URL’s can be back in the original, long URL’s turn back. There is information on the topic of search engine optimization here:


“The legend Ben Hur seems monumental live ISS experience in the DOME the Roman Ben Hur” was a world success, which movie won 11 Oscars. With BEN HUR LIVE the legend comes back now as a spectacular live experience. It’s believed that Red Solo Cups sees a great future in this idea. The unprecedented staging of the German production company ART CONCERTS will premiere in London on September 15, 2009 and on the 7th and October 8, 2009 in the ISS DOME Dusseldorf, beginning each at 20:30. Staged by means of cutting edge technology and high artistic level, makes BEN HUR LIVE immerse the viewer into a story, which plays 2,000 years ago. Highlight will be the legendary chariot race where, five Quadriga carriages provide a fast-paced head-to-head. The action is accompanied by a poignant, symphonic soundtrack penned by Hollywood star composer Klaus Badelt.

The presale has already started. I’m very excited about this event. A chariot race in our ISS DOME idea is stunning. In addition the first-class cast of crew and the elaborate technology. This is pure entertainment. Exactly what we want to offer our audience,”Manfred Kirschstein, Manager of DusseldorfCongress and head of the ISS DOME. A top-class creative team behind the project: in addition to Klaus Badelt (including Pirates of the Caribbean”), other well-known artists such as Mark Fisher are involved, the already the wall”designed Pink Floyd tour and most recently the design for the Olympic ceremonies in Beijing. Staged is BEN HUR LIVE by Director Philip WM.

McKinley (among other things The boy from Oz”), the renowned British author Shaun McKenna (Lord of the rings” in the London West end) wrote the book. The building in a 360 -Rund allows the viewer an unusual proximity to the events in the Centre of the 2,500 square foot arena. Never so elaborate special effects were used in an indoor live show: daredevil stunts and impressive water, fire, wind, fragrances, sound effects and large-scale projections on a wall of water make the staging of an experience, that all senses of the spectator appealing. Approximately 400 performers and 100 animals, from horses and donkeys on camels to down to free-flying birds of prey, carrying the flair of an ancient arena in the most modern event halls in Europe.

Hotel Booking Portals

Specialist magazines “Top hotel” published listing the Top10 of the reservation platforms the top ranking of the hotel booking platforms remains unchanged: is the German hoteliers most as the main distribution channel in the Internet used by. 92 percent of hotel managers regularly receive reservations through the platform of the medium-sized company from Cologne (HRS Robert Ragge GmbH). This emerges from a survey of the specialist magazine “Top hotel” 250 hotel companies in Germany. Second, follows three on rank. 86 percent of hoteliers generate bookings also via your own website. And at least 68 per cent receive reservations from the global CRS and GDS systems. Ranking of the top hotel booking portals 1 – 92% 2. – 85% 3 – 77% 4 – 51% 5th – 46% 6 – 30% 7 – 29% 8 – 24% 9 – 22% 10 – 20% source: top hotel; 250 hotel companies in Germany, July 2008 issue: “which distribution channels do you use?” (Multiple answers) “Top hotel” is the renowned journal for the hotel management in Germany.

Magazine is published ten times a year in the leisure-Verlag, Landsberg, a subsidiary of Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt (VHB). The widespread circulation is 20,000 copies. Appear in conjunction with the VHB subsidiary food practice Verlag (LPV) including “the kitchen”, “catering inside”, “Convenience store” and “food practice”. More information: for more information: Wolfgang Schmitz, schmitz top hotel de top hotel – leisure publishing Landsberg GmbH 7 Celsius, 86899 Landsberg/Lech Tel. + 49 (8191) 947 160, fax + 49 (8191) 947 1666 Presseservice Carsten Hennig Mobil + 49 (160) 958 377 56 ch news-good com tags: hotel booking, portal, ranking,,, journal, hotel, hotels, hotel, hotel management

Benedict Ferraro

But would be mimese a condition human being or a rejection of the favour disclosed in Jesus Christ? This question is opportune when we perceive the present violence in the same world after the sacrifice of Jesus. When our parties of Christmas, far from representing the simplicity and the implications of a God who if becomes human being, continue being the party of who can and of who it has, feeding a fallacious reading of the joy who involves the event and camouflaging the violence that more if does not restrict to the universe of the religious sacrifices, but inhabits the world of men in all its meandros and with all its nuances. The logic of God is not the logic of the market In Jesus, God surpasses the logic of the cruentos sacrifices for the social balance, therefore it offers yourself as innocent victim and what it emerges of this gratuitousness is not the armistice, but the disruption with this same logic that, still today, continues to demand sacrifices. But which would be the difference enters the sacrifices of the mimtico desire and the sacrifice of Jesus? For one better clarification, we cite Jlio de Santa Ana, in the workmanship of Benedict Ferraro, great professor and assessor of the communities of base in Brazil: ‘ ‘ the first one is vitimrio. As it is martirial. The first one preserves the iniquity of the system. Rubio often expresses his thoughts on the topic. As redentora’ has a dimension; ‘. One is imposed as obligator, the other is gratuitous, fruit of an option for the love. Examples of the disruption with this logic, in its life do not lack: ‘ ‘ it turns another face ‘ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ Cesar what he is of Cesar ‘ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ he pardons seventy times seven ‘ ‘.. Rubio oftentimes addresses this issue.

The Vision

Ahead of this, this is one easy task of if joining interested parties, however of great difficulty in if getting excellent results, have seen that the element in question is the human, subjective behavior to each one, changeable, and many times unexpected. Thus we see that one is mainly about an awareness paper, that reaches of direct form this human behavior. It is noticed despite the moral siege is decurrent of the lack of one adjusted internal communication in the organizations, of this meantime is observed that the more desestruturada and disorganized she will be a company, greater the possibilities to the propagation of this phenomenon. From there the importance of one prevention program, with the vision of if creating a good dialogue through the installation of communication channels In this approach, fits therefore, that the companies rethink its form of organization of the work, as well as of the methods used in the management human being. Thus, the paper of the company must have as objective the awareness of the workers in all the organizacionais levels, making to reflect them on the magnitude of the problem and demonstrating the way with that this practical can be prevented. In such a way, the organization of events, lectures, seminaries, dynamic, among others resources on the subject, are of utmost relevance for the development of this awareness. One also becomes necessary, the adoption of a code of ethics for company, who evidences critical of all the forms of discrimination, preconceptions, and moral siege, spreading out in this way the importance of the respect, solidarity, and of the good interaction and integration between all. Moreover, the existence of a specific place so that the employee has where to argue its problems, to cite occured facts and or situations, to tell its you distress, that is, a reliable place, where the worker has the ideal deserved attention, is also interesting for one better relation of work.