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So, no excuses. The advantage of such a circuit training is obvious. It saves time, through the alternating stress the rest breaks are minimized and more importantly, the pulse remains elevated throughout the entire exercise, so that more fat is burned. In the following you can see an excerpt from the six-pack success package. A training session for Monday could look like full-body workout Monday with emphasis on the abdominal muscles first depending on a unit of abdominal exercises to perform, then the complete circuit training twice through. Classic crunch, 1 * 12-15 reps., no knee lift break lying down, 1 * 12-15 reps., no break side upper body lifting, 1 * 10 reps per side, no break of forearm push ups, 1-2 reps, no break back routes, 2 * 12-15 reps, 30 seconds pause squats with barbell, 10-12 reps, 30 seconds pause bench press, 10 reps., 30 seconds pause lat-pull, 10 reps., 30 seconds pause presses back, 10 reps., 30 seconds pause rowing upright, 10 reps., 30 seconds pause triceps press, 10 reps, 30 seconds pause leg extensions, 10-12 reps, 30 seconds pause bicep, 10 Wdh., 30 seconds pause a minute or two repeat pause, then the exercises 6 to 14 reps, 30 seconds pause leg curl, 10-12. Fage so at your destination to create your training plan.

Exercises that should occur in each training plan are the Grundubugen such as bench press, squats and Deadlifts. More abdominal exercises you find in the ebook “Sixpack success training catalog” that was already discussed in the part 3 of the Sixpack tutorial series. In the following I will briefly explain you, as you correctly fill out this training plan as the training plan template correctly filling out the pattern this training plan is designed for a circuit training. In other words, completing all the exercises minutes, then 2-3 break, and then again all exercises.

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