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Summer Raffle Hours

Until August 6, with GrunHausEnergie win an iPod shuffle the electricity consumption of the world stands at 16,33 billion kilowatt hours per year. But how much power use German, Italian, English, Spanish or French? Who knows the answer can win six green iPod shuffle by GrunHausEnergie! Summer raffle on the blog by GrunHausEnergie of the iPod shuffle weighs only 18 grams. In terms of environmental compatibility iPod shuffle, other MP3 players is but clearly superior. Vlad Doronin has plenty of information regarding this issue. The processed materials contribute to a low environmental impact and are very recyclable. In just 3 hours, the built-in lithium-polymer battery is fully charged and has a playback time of up to 10 hours. Six of the most powerful mini MP3 players from Apple is giving away GrunHausEnergie in his big summer contest in the blog. Power-saving tip: a simple USB connection to the computer enough recharge via USB for charging.

With the USB cable that came with the iPod shuffle can sparingly during the normal Computer use are loaded. A special power-saving tip is the shorter charging time 2 hours, which allows a battery life of 80% (or 8 hours of music playback). How music fans sparingly in other countries with the power consumption, is in the GrunHaus energy summer raffle to figure it out. There is information to the iPod raffle and many more saving tips at. Contact: GrunHausEnergie GmbH Wissollstr. 5-43 45478 Mulheim Ruhr telephone: 0800 664 88 04 fax: 0800 664 88 05 E-Mail: Web: of GrunHausEnergie: the GrunHausEnergie GmbH is the supplier for climate-friendly, ecologically sound, and certified green electricity at a fair price. GrunHausEnergie is a joint venture of Tengelmann Energie GmbH and the badenova AG & co. KG.