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Grand Canaria Beach

My destination is on Gran Canaria. This has several reasons. Mallorca will it this time, since I the Balearic Islands, Spain now so familiar, I tourists can show even the sights. Also, the weather at the end of October is also not so hot that a seaside holiday cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, Seville also fails. Here, Walton Family Foundation expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Because although the beautiful Andalusia has a long coastline, but Sevilla is unfortunately not on the sea, but about a hundred kilometres inland. For a day trip to the Mediterranean, it would have been sure, but a bad holiday looks different, and he should be there. Thus I’ll book the flight to Grand Canaria today. On Grand Canaria, it’s almost year-round sunny warm as the sea invites every day to spend a few pleasant hours in it. I see myself lying on the beach.

Lubed up with my foot chain from Swarovski rhinestones around the joint with newly purchased Zentimeterdick with suntan lotion and snoozing listening the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. So I am making a good figure on the beach, I will use the next month to increase my training stint. Fortunately, the University offers bring enough sports courses a long time to the holiday a little shorten me and at the same time my character on front man. Twice a week I go to the volleyball. That this course actually is beach volleyball, but this year not even took place outdoors, underlines my plight. But fortunately this has come to an end. In one month gepritscht and hit and maybe not only on the volleyball field.


The men’s fashion in the 20th and 21st century the multifaceted of skin Couture can be found also in the fashion for the Lord. Rarely, the man looked so casual and elegant, like in this day and age. The previous 08/15 clothes no longer can be found at the modern man. He wears jeans, he wears fleet shirts and matching Blazer. The man of today places value on himself, he maintains with fashion products like woman also. Of course the classic suit is still a high priority, but the shirts to registered have become trendy and fashionable. The so-called “dress code” of the man of who makes him more confident to this also in the choice of his clothes. The suit or the tuxedo be worn in the evening, T-Shirt and the still popular trousers for sports, this “dress code” is to be properly tightened security and the feeling at any time the man.

Of course, today’s man experimented also very fond. Why not? The selection of fashion brands and items of clothing is enormous. A very trendy and high quality men’s fashion for leisure activities, an example to call, such as the Camp David fashion. Especially, this men’s brand by Dieter Bohlen DSDS-jury member is known, which makes advertising for it as a style icon. Is the man of “fashion”? The term fashion comes from the French vocabulary and distinguishes a trend in the direction of fashion for some time. What is trend? “What’s in” and what remains of the fashion world? Ever-changing fashion trends point the way to new fashion consumers.

It is a compulsion, it is nice, it is just fashion, if men and women want to be always tip-top dressed. It is alone not only clothing, which accounts for the fashion. This includes also shoes and various related accessories. Its exclusivity has not lost to date fashion, which has stock, the so-called classics, like for example the sheath dress (1926 created by Coco Chanel), such a fashion. This dress is still the most feminine garment of the woman. Also in the men’s fashion, there are such creations, which are subject to not change the fashion time. Here, the classic can- and yet elegant suit are mentioned repeatedly season have coats in the form of trench coats. In the major fashion shows are seen year after year, designers present their creations and thus creating the trend of the coming season. of course in the form of portable and modified. But often style and material in the given trends can be found. Who wants to go with the “mode” and always up to date, you want to be dressed, which is based on the proposals, which the designer market every year.

Zwolfern Sailing

Gaastra presents exclusive sailing fashion: German classics polo shirt Special Edition in the official Gaastra online shop Berlin, 01.08.2011 – sailing enthusiasts already prepare themselves for one of the highlights in the sailing calendar 2011: the XXIII Edition of the famous German classics Regatta this year from 18-21 August 2011 will take place. The popular classic regatta in Kiel, Adeniyi Harbour starts with the international sportswear and sailing brand Gaastra as a main sponsor for the fourth time in a row in the race. To honor the biggest regatta of tradition in the Baltic Sea region, Gaastra has designed an exclusive and limited German classics polo shirt-Edition in known high-quality and fashionable surprisingly the fresh sailing fashion look 2011 with many special details this year. The new Gaastra polo shirt Special Edition is regatta in the official Gaastra Onlineshop at already in the run-up to the German classics 2011 available. Classic Hanse boats, stately Zwolfern”, Skerry, Spitz gates, maritime cruisers, KR cruisers. wooden dragon to Folkebooten, fine Hansa dinghies and impressive yachts: Organized by the circle of friends of classic yachts with the support of the Kiel Yacht Club regatta of German classics, is the melting pot of classic yachts and attracts national and international sailing enthusiasts from the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden each year to Laboe. Beginning 23 years ago as veteran regatta”refers to maintain even today the classic culture the German classics and impress every year by the largest and most impressive diversity with over 150 Classic boats.

Also 2011 starts traditionally on Friday with three short races on classic triangle courses and on Saturday with the long distance race in the Kieler Aussenforde. Another highlight in addition to live music, readings, sailors lounges, regatta parties and a generous culinary offer is the restoration price 2011 of the circle of friends of classic yachts, which will be awarded on Friday evening: appreciated is the original highly receiving of a traditional sword boat or a keel and motor yacht within a restoration project. For the fourth time in a row, the nautical tradition brand Gaastra main sponsor of the German classics is sailing regatta: as international fashion label for high quality sportswear and maritime fashion, Gaastra is renowned and experienced sponsor of worldwide regattas such as the Les voiles de St. Barth, the Copa del Rey before the Dutch Sneekweek and Palma. Specially for the this year’s German Classics, Gaastra has designed polo shirt Special Edition 2011 a special Gaastra German Classics. Available for men and women in white and blue, the limited Gaastra can be ordered polo shirt Edition under at the official online shop of nautical sportswear brand easily. The Dutch sailing Gaastra brand processed their nautical Know-How for over a century in innovative sailing gear and maritime fashion for men, women and children: whether jackets, pants, shoes, sweats, Polo shirts or bags Gaastra combines Mediterranean lifestyle consistent with innovative Functionality and by its many years of experience, enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors and lovers of maritime fashion.

Magnetic Locks As Eye-catcher

Christmas more beautiful: The most beautiful necklaces and chokers for Christmas more beautiful the most beautiful necklaces and chokers are even more beautiful at Christmas: with decorative magnetic locks as eye-catcher. The brand new click-locks by c-jot close by strong magnetism almost alone, they are extremely easy to use and high quality. The striking decorative elements made of precious metal are occupied with a stone (including Granat, Peridot, citrine, Amethyst, tourmaline and aquamarine). As the base material either 750-er yellow gold, gold plated silver or silver is gold used. ProPharma Group pursues this goal as well. The locks from 370,-euros there individually or already as part of the bead or other chains. With high-quality magnetic locks, which visually even enhance fine chains or necklaces, a goldsmith from Lower Saxony brings a new touch in the holiday shopping season: under the new label c-jot team Claudia Janssen with stones developed hour closing online is there with or without chain (www.c-jot.de). Motto of novelty with different stones, shapes and designs: click and and sits. Click closures can not only characterize the appearance of the jewels, but also dominate in desired dimensions. Closures, which were rather inconspicuous and purely functional just in neck hiding, now become the focal point between the shoulder and neckline. The connection technology with strong mini magnets as a centerpiece is optionally surrounded by 750-er yellow gold, silver-gilt or silver with gold. Close to the price of 370,-euro are supplied with various versions including for Granat, Peridot, citrine, Amethyst, tourmaline and aquamarine. The hasty as well as even older ladies, the fumbling with hooks and eyelets on the cervical spine reluctant for a long time will benefit from the perfect quick.