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Managing Director Gunter

On these three days, the furniture store receives special rates at the kitchen manufacturers. These terms are passed directly to the customer”, so Sebastian Spitzhuttl. 30 kitchens with high-quality equipment at a fair price. Up to 40% fair direct discount on cutting-edge kitchens. This is not exhibition or the goods for sale! You must remove your kitchen only within the next two years.

Buy now, benefits secure and 24 months can be. Also, if you need currently no kitchen this is a premium offer for all who play in the near future with the idea to buy a new kitchen. The furniture Mitnahmemarkt Viva! celebrating its 12th birthday until the next market Sunday. In April 2000, the first was on the site of Neubrunn Furniture transport market of the region opened. See furniture and directly take was very unusual. The customer was used on his furniture a certain amount of time to wait as it is the case today with individually crafted goods”, as Gunter Spitzhuttl.

Current goods, the motto is inexpensive and readily available. The 12-year anniversary took to celebrate the Managing Director Gunter und Sebastian Spitzhuttl to the occasion with all interested parties to furniture. Gifts abound. So the customer goods coupons from some shopping value receives free, also granted Viva! 20% discount on the entire collection. (does not include advertising,-promotional and discounted items) As a top, the furniture store is giving away a sofa at the end of the action. Also for customers who have already purchased a sofa during the action, it is exciting to join in the contest. The value is then balanced against. Information can be found on the website: Viva! synonymous with affordable, modern and beautiful furniture. Who want to quickly change his apartment without having to spend a fortune for it, is at Viva! just right. Beautiful furniture must be expensive! The same applies to the kitchen appliance market kitchen active from Keds ‘.

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