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Form Opinion Forms!

Just who shows interest can change themselves and the world. Do you know that? If you are travelling in the evening with some acquaintances and a little lower going conversation is followed by one to lead. And as soon as you address an issue of politics or society as a whole look into speechless faces. In today’s time it has unfortunately become a society problem, cares less and less people for current issues or to single track stand. But buried right here a dog.

The number of today affectionately called anger citizens rises from day to day, but many can complain about, but hardly relate to the real issues. While it brings but just about anything to complain about with the matter also correctly deals and thus comprehensible discus ions can cause. Of course, this phenomenon through the entire population stretches. There are of course many people who would be quite up to date. And there are the people the are active and firm opinion in Engaging blogs, forums and comments. Because the Internet has become to the exchange of opinions and expression platform badly there.

In any other medium, you have to be able to share his opinions as freely with peers or different thinking and deepen so much possibilities. Of course, it is constantly that you ever once formed from his own opinion before that. This you should switch once the daily trash TV to informational media. There are news, newspapers, information portals, to keep today as many possibilities as never before informed about what is happening in the world. I started to write a blog for me. On the one hand of course to people with my reach thinking and knowledge to, but to be able to process my thoughts and opinions themselves. Because if I think with my mind just behind the mountain I can’t change. So a blog not in a position to change the world is, of course, but it is a first step. Man admits his thinking and his thoughts. And just who does so, is also ready to be able to represent his beliefs over others. So, can I call just anyone, get your thoughts, you formed an opinion and makes not only you but also everyone that you’re under about. Rather than have a bad opinion than none.

No Chance The Bike Theft

Brad’s bicycle rental on Borkum informs a good bike is expensive. It is even more annoying when you are victim of bike theft. But, there are measures to effectively protect bicycles from theft. Jorg BBs bicycle rental on Borkum explains what you should keep in mind. Avoid dark, uninhabited streets – roads, uninhabited backyards or quiet parking facilities are not suitable for storing a bike. -Thieves feel rather deterred courts, where many people are better than parking if they are observed, therefore, are suitable. -The bicycle should not be out there overnight.

-Insert at a cycling a pause, one is well advised to make the wheel so that you have it in sight. -Large bicycle parking should be shunned as thieves in the crowd are held for the owner and so easy. These measures offer the best protection to turn off the bicycle you should choose always a fixed object. This should be strongly fixed and hard be to dismantle. -If possible should two or several castles used (different design), as professional thieves are usually specialized in opening a lock type. Armored cables and chains, frames, ironing or spiral cable locks are locks. -Locks are combinations such as 0000 or 1234 to avoid. -It is advisable the frame of the wheel to encode this is possible for dealers and the police.

Encoded bicycles can be worse to sell, because the frame can be identified even if the wheel was repainted. Important: Always ready important information such as part number, brand and special features, keep in the event of theft to the police to be able to pass on the data. For details about the theft on bicycles Jorg available BBs bike service on Borkum at any time.

With The Wheel In The Winter Safe

Brad’s bicycle rental on Borkum informed evil result can have a crash with the wheel. Remembered and snow-covered roads and poor visibility in the dark are a real challenge for every cyclist. Nevertheless, there are certain precautions that can be taken, even in winter not on the wheel drive having to do without. What they are, explains Jorg BBs bike rental from Borkum. The right outfit choose one helmet does not exist in Germany while, yet it should be worn always, because he can fend off serious injuries in crashes.

The cold air extracts heat from the head. For this reason, it is advisable to wear a warm hat under the helmet. Shoes with a profile are also useful because they cannot slip away so. A waterproof and windproof jacket is best suited to protect themselves from the cold. Many are already equipped with reflectors. They enhance security, it is better seen. As an alternative there is to buy separate reflectors. These can be attached to each piece of clothing.

Light for optimal View winter’s darkness. Therefore, an adequate and functional lighting of the wheel is very important. It is not only necessary that good can be seen as cyclists, but to be seen by other road users. It is committed to a front and rear light. A light is not required, but increases the security and is therefore a good plus. A safe wheel must be fitted with a Dynamo according to law. Compared to a battery-powered, the Dynamo is always ready for use, and ensures optimal light. Good profile for driving on ice and snow are ideal wider tyres with a distinctive profile. Also, you can minimize the tire pressure, so he gets more traction. Studded tires have used metal pins that allow riding on iced roads. All precautions and good tyres should be abandoned rather very smooth road wheel. Check the bike should be overall in very good condition overall. Not only in the winter. But because of wetness or on the street the braking distance is extended leaves, so special care must be taken. Wet, cold and salt attack the bicycle chain and the rear derailleur. Therefore, proper care here is the A and o issues surrounding a project bike pleased Jorg BBs bicycle rental and available at any time.

The Christian

But which are the weapons to our disposal, capable to destroy these lodged ortalezas of the evil in our minds? But we must always remember, first, that God already in them prepared powerful weapons for our defense: ' ' Because, walking in the meat, we do not militate meat according to. Because the weapons of our military service are not flesh times, but yes powerful in God for destruction of the ortalezas; Destroying the advice, and all the altivez that if raises against the knowledge of God, and taking captive all the agreement to the obedience of Christ; ' ' 2 Color. 10:3 – 5 The secret is here to take captive all present thought to the obedience of Christ, not allowing to be guided or corrupted for passed souvenirs. Knowing the advice bblicosO remedy of the Christian always is and will be to examine the Holy Writs, because we take care of to have in them the perpetual life – Joo 5:39. The Christian must not only have wisdom, but knowledge and agreement (Sayings 2:6) Knowing the Holy Writs with wisdom and agreement, we see that they teach in them that, attemped, men of God appealed to jejum and to the conjunct: You are not uneasy for thing some; before your petitions are in everything ahead known of God for the conjunct and suplication, with action of favours? Filipenses 4:6 In this versicle apstolo in the sample that first tool is to be adopted position: if it does not leave to inquietar for thoughts and souvenirs. Second: to always clamar for aid, in conjunct, as it made Davi, being thankful because now we have a conscience on sin its perigos and we have orientation of as to fight them and to overwhelm them. Using the tools of combateSempre if it says that the best defense is the attack. we do not have to be only in the reading, but to leave for the practical one of the Word.


Substance, according to Bergson, is a set of images. image is an existence of what it is more than the idealistic flame of representation. However, less of what what the realistic flame of thing. From there, it can conclude that the image is half way between the thing and the representation. The body is an image of the set of the material world. In the body we have the external and internal, different image of the objects that external image only has. The object exists, later is perceived by my perception. I do not only make the existence of the object for my perception.

the memory appears exactly inside of this context, since it is not only placed in the brain, but yes in all the body. Our perceptions always are impregnated of souvenirs, therefore the images are infinitely changeable in the perception. For Freud the memory would be the result of souvenirs happened of the past, where the psychic side reflected the actions passed in one determined moment of history. Freud, for its part, it claims that, in the memory, they remain the mnmicas registrations, the integral conservation of the past, a time that stresses nor it produces the elimination of the traces. However, the functionality of the memory assumes as condition the esquecimento, that is, to be able to remember or to perceive, she is necessary for in reserve some registrations to evoke others. In the psychoanalysis, the memory is not stresses without it, a esquecimento form. In Freud, the notion of stresses implies a mythical origin in which something is forgotten so that it is possible in such a way to perceive as to remember. That is, in this conception, the perception assumes the memory and the esquecimento, also ' ' percebido' ' only if of reading in the past, after the perception. However, it is with Halbwachs that the memory concept is rank in study in the field of social sciences, where if of the new one to look at for its studies.


It will be that they really find that they are well? The mirror does not disclose its deformation? More than what a change in the expression, pulled eyes as the Asians, they lose the main one, the identity that its well most valuable one. I see a series of robots in industrial scale. It does not come nor to the case if the lips seem beios, if the apples of the face jump to the eyes and of pra if to see to one kilometer of distance, if exactly in one velrio seems to be smiling of so strained. What they recognize to if looking in the mirror? They had been changedded into other people. One ruga in the forehead is part of my history. No matter how hard I wanted that it disappeared in a magician pass, I know that it is there. I can deceive who to want little same me. I was to a esteticista that insisted I to make a clareamento of skin in the body.

It explained the process all, would be some sessions, creams, solar filter factor 60. I only was there for making a massage. Later that it dried the throat and spent all its salivas to convince trying me, was until the mirror, looked at well and liked what vi. Each freckle, and is many, is a souvenir of a beach that I was. Each dot is one day of sun that I was as a strained lizard reading a good book. I do not want to lose none of these memories.

Taste of my small spots, sardines, manchinhas and I do not open hand of the sun in hypothesis some. I decided to mark a consultation with a dermatologist because of an allergy. The medical one was a pretty young woman was impossible to identify its age. Half that it was plasticized.

The Seeds

To observe the influence of the color in the treatments they had been gotten from the white light that exceeded two sheets of paper blue cellophane, red and yellow, respectively. The dark continuous was involving the boxes gerbox in paper aluminum. All the set was made use in plastic trays, humidified daily with 20 mL of ADE and, incubados in estande of steel with two white florescentes lights (40 w), the 30 cm of distance, under for a period of seven days. The evaluation consisted of after making the reading to the seven days the plantation of the seeds through the register of the percentage of plntulas normal verified in the germination test, lengths of the aerial part and the root (BRAZIL, 1992). RESULTS AND QUARREL seven days of the beginning of the sowing to the emission of plntulas, the results of the readings of germination of seeds of maize in paper germitest had after indicated that the treatment carried through through the dark continuous 93% of germination of the seeds of maize, followed of the treatment with the seeds submitted to the red color registered (90%). The treatments using the colors yellow and blue had not shown difference in the germination (86.25%) (Tab. 1).

The seeds when submitted to the germination in boxes gerbox it was verified that the result of the percentage of germination in the dark continuous (95%) was similar to the assay with paper germitest (93.75%), followed of the red color with 90% (Tab.2). The maize seeds when submitted to the germination in box gerbox, it was verified that difference in the length of the aerial part and the roots between the treatments did not occur (Tab. 3 and 4).


Through the evolution, searching always to evolve, therefore evolving of wise form I will only be treading the way of return to the God, therefore God is evolution and the act to be incarnate and in constant evolution reflects the necessity to evolve and to despertarmos each time plus a raised degree of conscience, so that thus also let us come to become us ‘ ‘ faris’ ‘ luminous in the evolucionista way of our fellow creature. Through the life, therefore living deeply our life and intempries of our ways it only is that we will develop the state of hardeness necessary that in supplies the accurate measure to them to love without suffocating, to know without judging, of being just without being cruel, to exert the law without being tyrannous, to have faith in the life and to believe that all we are part of an immense shoal of fish in which we lose in them and that only in congregating and helping mutually, we will go to reencontrar this ‘ ‘ cardume’ ‘ luminous that he is God and its cut of beings the holy ghosts, to evolve transmutando our feelings thus to evolve of harmonious form in a way with as much adversity, to put it is a odd school of God that teach in them to respect and to coexist the differences, therefore if we are different in the appearance, I add equal in the origin, therefore all let us prove of God. finally the certain measure of living, therefore living all these feelings, all this adversity of thoughts, cultures, ideologies, religions, etc, only is that we will become in them capable to receive and to help to all without no distinction, as well as makes love-of-milk, when yields its seio that is the source of the life to annul something negative that it is the hunger and to supply just been born of food that its lives support, not mattering if they are its children or not, therefore the true mother assumes this condition before God and starts to vibrate in summons the unconditional and maternal love of God that is Father and Mother of all its children, independent of color, creed or race..


I received an email, recently, that he placed pra it are all luck of injuries on us, the Brazilians. Me it seemed, at the first moment, a rebelled relief of somebody with a series of things that happen, but, as I was reading, vi that some things made sensible. It is clearly that we cannot generalize these situations. Nor all practise such acts that denigrem the image of the Brazilian, but, if you to analyze with care go to perceive that she always has a deep one of truth in these lists. The message said that the Brazilian could not complain you are welcome after all, also practised acts that helped to complicate ours already combalida social life.

Unhappyly it has reason in some aspects. I find that the great problem is in the supervaluation of our rights and in the humble appearance of our duties. We always have in the sleeve the most different claims above all and all but, we forget the times that we are beings that live in society and as such we have that to keep in balance the duties and the rights. We do not obtain many times to discern the certainty from the wrong one. Not that let us not have intelligence for such, quite to the contrary. But the great one drawn is in finding that it is made a mistake when the others practise! In the forceful list that I received it was the following situation: ' ' Brazilian underneath parks in the sidewalk and many times of plates proibitivas' '. Ok, let us analyze with a little criterion more than this condition. When we are hasty? we live hasty? we need to arrive up to one definitive place, finish, the times, for parking badly, in vacant not allowed, under plates of forbidden to park, at last, in any way, after all, we have that to decide our problem.


The men’s fashion in the 20th and 21st century the multifaceted of skin Couture can be found also in the fashion for the Lord. Rarely, the man looked so casual and elegant, like in this day and age. The previous 08/15 clothes no longer can be found at the modern man. He wears jeans, he wears fleet shirts and matching Blazer. The man of today places value on himself, he maintains with fashion products like woman also. Of course the classic suit is still a high priority, but the shirts to registered have become trendy and fashionable. The so-called “dress code” of the man of who makes him more confident to this also in the choice of his clothes. The suit or the tuxedo be worn in the evening, T-Shirt and the still popular trousers for sports, this “dress code” is to be properly tightened security and the feeling at any time the man.

Of course, today’s man experimented also very fond. Why not? The selection of fashion brands and items of clothing is enormous. A very trendy and high quality men’s fashion for leisure activities, an example to call, such as the Camp David fashion. Especially, this men’s brand by Dieter Bohlen DSDS-jury member is known, which makes advertising for it as a style icon. Is the man of “fashion”? The term fashion comes from the French vocabulary and distinguishes a trend in the direction of fashion for some time. What is trend? “What’s in” and what remains of the fashion world? Ever-changing fashion trends point the way to new fashion consumers.

It is a compulsion, it is nice, it is just fashion, if men and women want to be always tip-top dressed. It is alone not only clothing, which accounts for the fashion. This includes also shoes and various related accessories. Its exclusivity has not lost to date fashion, which has stock, the so-called classics, like for example the sheath dress (1926 created by Coco Chanel), such a fashion. This dress is still the most feminine garment of the woman. Also in the men’s fashion, there are such creations, which are subject to not change the fashion time. Here, the classic can- and yet elegant suit are mentioned repeatedly season have coats in the form of trench coats. In the major fashion shows are seen year after year, designers present their creations and thus creating the trend of the coming season. of course in the form of portable and modified. But often style and material in the given trends can be found. Who wants to go with the “mode” and always up to date, you want to be dressed, which is based on the proposals, which the designer market every year.