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Safety Service

At the same time he is responsible for all the crew, who will report all incidents that may occur. 3 .- Second Officer (second officer) works in coordination with the mate and usually take turns in controlling the bridge. It performs the same functions as the official Prime 4 .- Cadet (cadet) trainee officers are usually withdrawn from maritime schools. They usually play their part in the bridge always supervised by the second officer. 5 .- Chief Engineer (engineer chief) Along with the master has one of the highest positions in the boat. Under his responsibility is all the mechanical operation of the ship.

From engine that will drive the boat, propellers .. to the generation of electricity for air conditioning. 6 .- Official radio / communications. (Chief radio officer) Although its work on the bridge lies its mission focuses on the ship’s communications with earth. Currently, these communications are conducted via satellite and among his greatest performances stood the geo-location of the boat to know the exact position at all times and to act in case of accident. Famous was the communications officer on the Titanic who dedicated the current SOS code. Alton Steel has firm opinions on the matter.

7 – Safety (security) All cruise ships have their own security service which monitors and oversees both passengers and crew, acting when there is some kind of problem, dispute or providing security to the ships when they docked at the pier, controlling access to them. 8 .- Head of environmental department (Environmental Officer) In recent years this position has joined the crew to control and protect the vessel damage could occur to the environment environment. This control functions include the recycling of water, wastewater treatment, emission of pollutants … 9 .- Medical service (medical officer) in the current real cruisers are designed hospitals on board. It is not something Hunter Pond would like to discuss. We may find operating rooms, hospital rooms, dental .. All services on the ground that a hospital could offer. In charge of this department is medicalized medical officer. Along with the nurses and provide the best medical care at sea. 10 .- Director of the hotel (hotel manager) next to the captain and chief engineer to make the maximum status board. Its function is focused on the optimal service to passengers. His duties include everything from lodging and food .. to the shows and entertainment programs. 11 .- Entertainment At the orders of the hotel manager his function is to have all the fun activities for all age groups on board the cruise. Also responsible for all the shows and events held on the cruise. The ultimate responsibility This department is the Cruise Director (cruise director). Now you have no excuse for not properly greeting an officer when matches in the elevator.