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Philip McCreight

The online animal shelter shelta to reach in the future even more attention to animal welfare animals by TASSO e.V. on its recently-launched blog and social media. Hattersheim, 05.09.2013. The online animal shelter shelta to reach in the future even more attention to animal welfare animals by TASSO e.V. on its recently-launched blog and social media.

Direct communication via social networks with animal lovers and animal welfare organizations will be given the chance at a new home even more shelter animals and thereby relieved welfare facilities. With the aim to give as many animal welfare animals in a new home, the online animal shelter went by TASSO e.V. in spring 2011 at the start. The animal welfare organization is thus the chance to present their proteges in the Internet nationally and centrally to the mediation animal shelters. With great success, as project manager Heike Engelhart reported: From our animal welfare understanding it is at the heart, animal shelters and animal welfare organizations through the mediation of as many animals to relieve. “Because every animal deserves a loving home.” Recently, communicates well via a blog and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +. The shelta issues revolve around pets from animal welfare, as well as valuable information on animal husbandry: reports by and about animal shelters, updates, tips and tricks, as well as animal information, suggestions and thoughtful. New additions and also emergency animals at shelta is reported regularly.

Our blog and social media channels offer for us to be great possibilities with the animal lovers, as well as with animal welfare organisations in a direct dialogue,”reports Philip McCreight, head of the animal protection organization of TASSO. Bezos insists that this is the case. No animal should have to wait unnecessarily long on a home. A dialogue with and between stakeholders around to promote the serious animal mediation, us therefore is with our online strategy very close to the heart”, adds McCreight. The strategy seems to be, as confirmed by Heike Engelhart: our issues and actions are well accepted by the community. An animal welfare animal in the title picture will be presented each week, for example, there are animal saying maps and interesting info. We have many ideas in stock and are pleased that our community is growing steadily”. In German animal shelters an estimated more than 300,000 dogs, cats, birds and small animals waiting for a new home. “Through the online animal shelter shelta and the social-media activities should increase the chances and the idea of shelter animals first” still more disseminated. About shelta by TASSO e.V. In spring 2011, the online animal shelter was called by the animal welfare organization TASSO e.V. in the life. Shelta, Tiersuchenden will give the greatest possible security to get an animal from serious mediation and offers an Internet platform for this purpose simply to give animal welfare animals. Animal shelters and animal welfare organizations to set their animals free of charge in the portal and thus increase the chances of their proteges. Each animal is categorized and a detailed description and images can be stored. Using the convenient search in the district or national level can be found then easily his new pet. Currently more than 200 animal welfare organizations are active, with over 4,700 animals. The animals are automatically registered at TASSO in the pet register and are thus better protected if this should even be missed.