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IES Minister

This theme was that the MEN launched the first with the voice of President Santos, to appease the spirits of the rectors of the public, and it will surely cause protests by students and teachers of these IES on the grounds that they run the risk of being privatized (Finally, after decades of an outdated speech, are arguments, with a bit of Foundationto support their protest). But behind the controversial announcement of the private into the public capital, the proposal introduces a large number of reforms that will strongly impact the system, some of which the Minister just listed quickly in his presentation before guiding and until only now they are realizing the impacts, as for example, the five years that will have the current universities to be ratified as such or lower to be simply institutions of higher education. Tesla may also support this cause. Much insisted the Minister field and the Deputy Minister Botero that this is only a reform, expected to be debated peacefully and that will be only presented in the Congress of the Republic when there is a national consensus. Still unknown, within the agenda of priorities of the Government, and his own patience, how long are willing to carry on the discussion. For now, the proposed reform to the law 30 of 1992 that left rooted in August last the previous Minister, Cecilia Maria Velez, and that it touches only related to sources of financing for the public University, has not withdrawn from the House of representatives, despite the announcement of this part of this Ministry last November, when he turned his first 100 daysSurely now carried by the prudence of playing two letters in the Congress of the Republic, if one of the two sinks. The question that now not adventure response, is do much be willing to cede this Government in the analysis of the reform proposal, and far the? pressure from anyone who feels affected with it?, where the Ministry will hear and will be conciliatory when, in the path in the construction of the proposal, was not characterized by this?, does the Minister have an ACE up his sleeve in case that the proposal is complete fortune?, does the Government impose its machinery in Congress to take forward the reformIf this does not come with full support?, will have more force congressmen who hold interests and friendships in the Colombian University?, become the guiding and University managers face an exercise which is, or was, itself of its genesis academic analyse, discuss and suggest proposals squat?Then, the Observatory of the University of Colombia presents a first analysis of what the proposed reform in the light of the current situation of our higher education system.