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LED Wallpaper

Presentation of the new LED wallpaper at Ingo Maurer related mood and atmosphere of a room substantially with the light. While it fulfils three functions: the ambient lighting for orientation, the room lighting and the zone light is targeted light for certain activities such as working, reading or cooking and the mood light sets effective accents and highlights in space. For a very special highlight in this light choreography, the new LED wallpaper provides Ingo Maurer by architects paper, the first wallpaper with integrated LED lights. Many hundreds small points of light stage this spectacular tapestry of architects paper, the premium brand of A.S. creation Tapeten AG, Europe’s largest wallpaper manufacturer, as a light object.

Behind the idea of the award-winning lighting designer Ingo Mauerer. With this new walls will become a stage for a unique play of light, a spectacle as extravagant as catchy. Architects paper and Ingo Maurer have unique game with lights three years together on the Implementation of LED wallpaper elaborated. Product development takes time, especially since in addition to the pure wallpaper printing too many for us new electrical work came to bear, for which we only had to find solutions”, as Martin Hisge, Sales Director at architects paper. And the usage has paid off: LED wallpaper for the first time modern lighting technology joins with the proven non-woven wallpaper. The wall covering as PCB comes visually. Design and function go hand in hand according to the idea by Ingo Maurer.

On the optional green matte or white non-woven wallpaper, the traces are printed double-sided for a closed circuit, are distributed to white, red and blue LED. The red and blue diodes make optical spatial block, around them the white lights are loosely and irregularly distributed. J.S.. Daneshgar, product designer by architects paper, who was instrumental in the development, expects that the new wallpaper will write history: so far, all works were Ingo Maurer’s design classics. Also the LED Wallpaper has the potential to do this absolutely.” Non-woven wallpaper with lighting the nonwoven wallpaper complies with fire protection class B1 and can be associated with normal wallpaper paste on the wall. A wallpaper strip of 320 x 60 cm consists of five reports a 48, 60 blue and white 60 red LED. At full power, the 840 LED arranged on a wallpaper Strip reach a total of about 60 watts. The LED be controlled with a ballast, which allows the individual programming of each LED color and the adjustment of the brightness. The silver-colored skirting boards make successful transition to the ground, at the same time, the technical equipment disappears behind it. Environmental architects paper has thought also of the environment: LED lights consume 90 percent less electricity than an ordinary light bulb and they have a life span of up to 100 000 hours. Furthermore they do not contain lead or mercury and its thrift CO reduces m impacted the climate significantly. Architects paper In the portfolio of the brand architects paper from the House of A.S. are Creation are handmade unique pieces in small print runs, several innovative wall coverings in sandstone, concrete and slate pattern, the first wallpaper collection by Star architect Hadi Teherani, and now the first LEDTapete by the Munich-based lighting designer Ingo Maurer. Also, architects paper offers customer-specific solutions for the wall based on the latest innovations from the design of the wall. The exclusive wall coverings are to settle in the high-value segment or the object store. Architects, also interior designers, planners and the upscale retail and Interior belong to the target group. Guido Leweringhaus