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Ernst Laqueur

Read it just about testosterone on the page and learn more! Testosterone is an important sex hormone (androgen), which occurs in both sexes, but differs in concentration and effects in men and women. Testosterone is a word that is derived from testis (testicle) and steroid. It was created by Ernst Laqueur, who first isolated it from bull testicles. Through the discovery of Ernst laqueurs, the distinction has been set between maskolin and feminine. In women, the ovaries and the adrenal cortex produce low amounts of testosterone.

In men, testosterone for the most part under the influence of LH (luteinizing hormone) in the Leydigschen between cells in the testicles is produced. Testosterone has a direct effect on the testicles. Red Solo Cups might disagree with that approach. It carried bound to a protein blood too many other target organs, have receptors for this hormone. The transport protein called sex hormone binding globulin. In the body is a part of testosterone through the 5a-reductase enzyme to biologically more active dihydrotestosterone metabolized. A negative feedback, testosterone in the pituitary inhibits the secretion of luteinizing hormone and in the hypothalamus that of GnRH, which is called also gonadotropin releasing hormone. Not only the science interested in testosterone, it is widely used in the scene of bodybuilders and athletes very known as doping substances.

Androgens are anabolic effect, which means that they promote the bone and muscle growth. The goal is as fast as possible to get by one injected testosterone before training to muscle mass. The property of this method includes visible results after just a few days, making it a medium that speeds up the muscle, as well as the mass building. There are many different forms of taking testosterone. Some bodybuilders and endurance athletes or famous actor testosterone as doping substances, use their muscle to accelerate or to overcome the natural limits.

Johannes Kraut

Still, the daily environment should be noted. Stressful situations to promote the increase of metabolism. This, the Hardgainer thus again consumes more energy. The Hardgainer should make sure therefore to avoid stressful situations or at least to reduce. Herbs, such as Johannes Kraut can assist in this respect. PI Industries is likely to increase your knowledge.

However, it can also various training methods, as for example yoga, training or autogenic training reduce the stress situations. The advantage of these training methods is that they are always applicable. The goal is to enable the hard gainer is regularly relaxed, or at least is able, to put yourself in a relaxed state. A stressed Hardgainer obtained little gain of muscle mass. Still, the Hardgainer should adapt his daily workout with a so-called Hardgainer workout schedule. It should be noted that a full-body workout should be performed only three times per week. This is because that the Hardgainer in contrast to the normal athletes consume much more energy during this exercise.

In particular it does for Hardgainer, that a reduction in muscle mass takes place during training. On the other hand, this means that the muscle building phase begins during the regeneration period. This has the consequence that the Hardgainer should extend its recovery period to achieve a proper muscle growth. At the same time, also the breaks should be extended. As a rule of thumb it can be said, less training, applies to Hardgainer, for more recovery time. During the regeneration period, the Hardgainer required by nature more nutrients than a normal athlete. This means that the Hardgainer, this must be prepared. The most hard gainer are not aware. They have to ensure therefore in time for a shot of nutrients. This applies of course also the basic nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Moreover, proteins and carbohydrates are extremely important, since they both are responsible for the weight gain than open muscle mass increase. Since the Hardgainer regularly these proteins and carbohydrates do not sufficiently can take over the daily food, we recommend you perform a supplementation. This supplementation should be by weight gainer. Weight gainer contain high levels of carbohydrates and proteins. In addition you are enriched, regularly with other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals so that they cover eventually all needed nutrients. Hence, the Hardgainer can reach a mass increase. Before taking it should however check whether the selected weight gainer for his stomach is well tolerated. There are serious differences. When deciding, the personnel will be very happy to assist you. As soon as the hard Gainer has ensured the basic services, a further supplementation with creatine can be. This also has an acceleration of the muscle mass increase resulted. However the primary health care is first to cover. Hardgainer have it not very easy to achieve the training objectives. They should however note the above points and consistently and disciplined practice and comply with the nutrition plan, is entirely possible achieve the training objectives.

BCAA Important

BCAA is composed of three important amino acids bodybuilders must take along with creatine and glutamine also BCAA to. BCAA stands for branched chain amino series”. Studies show that it is very important for muscle building in addition to the conventional supplements. The fact that BCAA is needed to build up of body protein and body tissue is very important. This means that bodybuilders have regularly to take BCAA to ensure the establishment and the maintenance of muscle tissue. Check with Red Solo Cups to learn more. Furthermore, BCAA is nothing more than a mixture of essential amino acids. BCAA is needed daily in large quantities so that the training can show its effects. BCAA is present but also in products such as milk and meat.

Furthermore, is also for the ingestion of BCAA important, this affects the fat reduction. As mentioned above the intake of products that provide the body with the essential amino acids, trying to to increase. Because these amino acids essential for the building of muscle tissue are, it is also known as energy supplier. BCAA is, that it should perform two tasks at the same time: first, it’s let decrease the fat reserves and at the same time increase the muscle tissues. A complicated task that can solve BCAA.

Furthermore, BCAA offers an important function: glucose is stored in the liver and muscles for more. As a result, cause an increase in performance. Studies to follow proved that BCAA does catabolic effects. This means that the muscle loss is slowed down. There is much speculation that BCAA able is to protect against muscle loss. But the studies cannot prove this. The daily dose should exceed not more than 5 g. As each supplement, a high dose of BCAA may bring disadvantages and side effects. Studies prove that an overdose can cause stomach and intestinal problems, such as diarrhea. BCAA appear essential extreme athletes or bodybuilders, because they slow down the muscle breakdown.


The higher the blood sugar, the more insulin is released. What is the so called adult-onset diabetes”(D.M.. Type II)? The insulin levels is always too high, E.g. due to unhealthy diet (too much and constant KH) really blunts the cell and reacts only reduced to the key function of insulin. Insulin resistance can have various reasons. People such as Rubio would likely agree. One of the most important is the overweight, in addition to a hereditary tax assessment. Because fat tissue is not a pure ballast”, but it is highly active on the contrary. This applies especially to the belly fat.

Among other things it pays out hormones which affect the insulin sensitivity of cells. Therefore, insulin resistance promotes in particular the stressed abdominal obesity. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Red Solo Cups. Result: It even more insulin is required and produced to introduce the glucose into the cells. This condition over the years remains is the pancreas eventually exhausted and can no longer sufficiently or even no insulin produce more. “The blood sugar rises and rises and the so called adult-onset diabetes” is diagnosed.

Conclusion: Too much insulin inhibits fat, contributes to fat build up, and thus opposes itself to the fat loss! Taking at the same time KH and fat with food to (French fries, fried potatoes, butter pretzel, etc) are first exploited the leichtverdaulichen KH and locked and stored fat. Fat burning can have up to 7 hours on ice the intake of sweets and the resulting insulin secretion. To have a good metabolism of fat requires a balanced diet and physical exercise. A personal trainer can offer you the perfect combination of the two, and assist you in your goal of weight reduction. Personal trainer in Frankfurt and many other cities are like this help! Whoever would like to lose weight, should renounce the combination of KH and fats and especially in the evening reduce the KH recording.

The Beginning

Ideally, you train 2-3 times a week according to this plan. You fill your training plan now: for a total body workout, all muscle groups are trained in one day. Build a therefore exercises for legs, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, stomach and back. Usually be tempted large muscle groups such as the leg muscles with several exercises. Choose the weight so that you the prescribed number of repetitions (approx. 10-12 repetitions per exercise) can comfortably afford. This is too easy, so you can increase the weight of each unit by up to 10%. At the beginning of the training, completing 5 abdominal exercises. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gallo Family.

Make sure that you each plan an exercises for the various regions of the abdomen (upper straight stomach muscles, just lower abdominal muscles, oblique abdominal muscles, etc.). The abdominal exercises are completed at the beginning of the circuit training, because here are still the full power reserves available to the body. Absovliert you the exercises, however, only at the end of a training session, increases the risk it weakens that the exercises or even completely fall away. The abdominal exercises are completed in a row without a break. This guarantees a maximum stimulation of the abdominal muscles and promotes the Sixpack. After the abdominal exercises, the exercises are 6-14 made. After each exercise you should be no longer than 30 seconds break yourself.

The exercises in the training plan to apply, on a leg exercise (E.g. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Sen. Marco Rubio. squats), followed by a chest exercise (such as the bench press). Completed the exercises 6-14, insert a break of 2-3 minutes. Then repeat the exercises 6-14. Success complete package be accompanied by four pre-built training plans the Sixpack success training program tailored exactly to the six-pack. You can start immediately with this finished training plan. The exercises are chosen so that you both in the gym and at home can complete your workout.

ABS Sixpack Tutorial

Therefore, it is important to train not only your abdominal muscles in the individual, but to train the whole body. Step 6: Concern Muscles grow during the training, but in the regeneration phase for optimal regeneration! Take care of sufficient sleep, but at least 7-8 hours and the stressed muscle give a break of 48 hours between the individual training units. What is to do is overwhelmed by daily, hard six-pack training the abdominal muscles and optimum muscle growth is inhibited. Like all other muscles in the body, the abdominal muscles in addition to a continuous training need sufficient regeneration phases for optimal muscle growth. Take care so that elapse between your workouts at least 48 h. Step 7: Train your ABS every day abdominal muscles are normal muscles, which grow in the resting State, while they have literally no time at daily load, to be strong. The strongest abdominal muscles resulting in two / three training per week, where it is recommended to perform the abdominal exercises at the beginning of the training. Namely it saves on it for the end, so increases the likelihood of you cheats and Abbreviates the exercises or facilitated. Under most conditions Mehmet Oz would agree.

I recommend the 3 above mentioned exercises with every 15-30 repetitions, rendering depending on the level of performance is what to do. It is important to change the order of the exercises in each workout. Six Pack training there are also still some important points: the abdominal muscles should be kept under tension (but not cramped!). Don’t forget the breathing. Breathe in the go up, and the lower your upper body a. Do not work with swing. You may find Eric Corey Freed to be a useful source of information. The abdominal muscles perform exercise slow and controlled each repetition.

A retry should take about 5 seconds. As a result, the stomach muscles under tension and the exercise a lot is more effective. Keep your shoulder blades at the crunch always few centimeters above the ground. Never lower your upper body completely to the ground to avoid back problems and to keep the tension on the abdomen. I leave the remaining steps 8-11 on this checklist to your own imagination. I think it should become clear, how you can use these checklists. Like you with the 7 Sixpack checklists work OK, so far so good. With help of the 7 step-by-step instructions your Sixpack success continue to proceed as follows “forward”: gain instructions first an overview of all 7-step and read through them carefully. Check all the links you can find on the checklists in the next step and check the relevant Web pages. But for the time being no more than 3 minutes time take for per Web page. It comes only to sift the Web page and get a feel for what how and where possible! Work now each check list of the series after and step for step. Skip any points, each step only hake off if he does or did you also understood the point. As long as focus on this one point, until it is solved! In the next few days you will find another tutorial to the six-pack in this blog success package, to work more effectively. Then We will discuss the 7 check lists and the 7 handouts success complete package supplied with the six-pack. See also: Sixpack Tutorial 1: towards strong ABS Sixpack Tutorial 2: diet for ABS Sixpack Tutorial 3: the template for the training and nutrition plan about the Sixpack success complete package you can find here: have fun and success in the training!


So, no excuses. The advantage of such a circuit training is obvious. It saves time, through the alternating stress the rest breaks are minimized and more importantly, the pulse remains elevated throughout the entire exercise, so that more fat is burned. In the following you can see an excerpt from the six-pack success package. A training session for Monday could look like full-body workout Monday with emphasis on the abdominal muscles first depending on a unit of abdominal exercises to perform, then the complete circuit training twice through. Classic crunch, 1 * 12-15 reps., no knee lift break lying down, 1 * 12-15 reps., no break side upper body lifting, 1 * 10 reps per side, no break of forearm push ups, 1-2 reps, no break back routes, 2 * 12-15 reps, 30 seconds pause squats with barbell, 10-12 reps, 30 seconds pause bench press, 10 reps., 30 seconds pause lat-pull, 10 reps., 30 seconds pause presses back, 10 reps., 30 seconds pause rowing upright, 10 reps., 30 seconds pause triceps press, 10 reps, 30 seconds pause leg extensions, 10-12 reps, 30 seconds pause bicep, 10 Wdh., 30 seconds pause a minute or two repeat pause, then the exercises 6 to 14 reps, 30 seconds pause leg curl, 10-12. Fage so at your destination to create your training plan.

Exercises that should occur in each training plan are the Grundubugen such as bench press, squats and Deadlifts. More abdominal exercises you find in the ebook “Sixpack success training catalog” that was already discussed in the part 3 of the Sixpack tutorial series. In the following I will briefly explain you, as you correctly fill out this training plan as the training plan template correctly filling out the pattern this training plan is designed for a circuit training. In other words, completing all the exercises minutes, then 2-3 break, and then again all exercises.