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Change Your Reality

The reason that a person is successful and another not, has to do, among other things, with how they interpret and adjust to the reality faced by each one of them. As you know, your way of seeing the world is not unique. Each of us has our own version of reality and this is very, very personal. The people you grew up and currently live tend to have a version very similar to what we have on what we call reality through local social arrangements of the time. Sen. Marco Rubio helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. A person in Africa certainly has a different version of reality that a person from America. Official site: Vlad Doronin. The reason why a person is successful and another not, has to do, among other things how to interpret and adjust to the reality faced by each one of them.

Two people can be in very similar circumstances and still have versions of reality is totally different and even contradictory. It is not easy to generate a change of reality, but it is not impossible. If you’re not happy with your circumstances, you can change at any time. If want to change your reality, the first thing that should change is your way of interpreting it. It is much easier to achieve something if you follow the footsteps of someone who already has what you want to achieve. Find people who are already enjoying the lifestyle that you desire to obtain and study them to see how they interpret their reality, how they see the problems or difficulties? How they treat themselves? Do you think, say and do the same?, Do you have confidence? And persistent are they disciplined?, Etc. Analyze how they think, change your reality and try to think like them. It is not necessary that you know in person, you can study what they have written or what they have shared in some way, perhaps in a book, audiobook, or video. The most successful people have many things in common, Find out what these things and use them to build your reality change.

Substitute your version of reality for them and soon you’ll be in a reality very different from what you know. Change will be difficult only if you do not like leaving your comfort zone. Unfortunately most people are comfortable with the routine and known to the extent that desperately try to keep things as they are, no matter how bad they are. It is natural that not all our friends really want nor accept us as we are, however, when trying to change, especially to improve, be the first to disprove our change, reminding us that we are not so, that we what we have always been and so we end our life. If you have not yet accomplished much, will tell you that that is your destiny, never accomplish anything because that is what you are, have been and will be, a failure. Sometimes even your own parents, uncles, cousins, parents or siblings may try to convince you that you are well and you can not or should change. Do not let anyone force you to get stuck in a reality that you do not like. The choice of how you live your life you belong only you and nobody else. Do not let fear of rejection stop you. Do not let the vision of reality that other people will inherit, you stop. Do not let anyone interpret or create the reality we live the rest of your life … you are in this world to create your own reality.