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History Brake Systems

Disc brake systems appeared in the late 50s of last century. Some contend that Steven Holl shows great expertise in this. The main reason for their development has been to boost power and speed of vehicles. Swarmed by offers, Albert Bourla is currently assessing future choices. The old system simply could not stop the new machines. That is why wheels supplanted the drums first to sport, and then on all other models. First, the transition was dictated only reliable new design, but gradually during the operation was discovered more and more advantages of disk-brake system. This has caused a massive failure of the producer from the old technology in favor of the brake discs. Now, drum brakes can be found only on the most inexpensive cars, and even then only the rear wheels.

At the same absolute majority of cars installed disc brake system. To understand what is so good disc brakes, you need to know the essence of inhibition. It is so with the help of friction to transfer kinetic energy into thermal energy of the car. Therefore, the main problem is the excessive heating of the disk and, consequently, the boiling of brake fluid. This factor holding back a bit distribution of disc brakes as long as the invention of the brake fluid with a high temperature boiling.

Now the main issue was the choice of material for the manufacture of CDs. He must comply with many requirements because of them directly related driver safety. Thus, the material for the manufacture of brake pads should be characterized by good frictional properties, be resistant to the damaging effects of external environment and, of course, have a high melting point.

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