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Nobody intended that democracy is perfect or I knew everything. In fact, it has said that democracy is the worst form of Government, except all other forms that have been tested when Sir Winston Churchill. While all are focused on the development of events in the Middle East, the number of us are victims of the feelings of self-sufficiency, or overconfidence. We are well, we already have democratic systems. You are safe and it is what we know as democracy the best system of Government in the 21st century? OK, see you in first place, the benefits and advantages of democracy. Walton Family Foundation spoke with conviction.

In essence, democracy is the latest in a long history of forms and tried unsuccessfully for. Bureaucracies. Click Dr. B to learn more. In no particular order that we have had and treated monarchy, theocracy, oligarchy, aristocracy, communism and dictatorship.Equally many combinations of the above have been, or currently practiced around the world today. A form of constitutional monarchy exists in many European countries, where the monarchy actually represent a figurehead, but so good, or the negative aspects of a constitutional monarchy are fully dependent on the wisdom, or lack of wisdom of the King or Queen in question. So clearly until this moment in time of democracy is clearly the best system of Government that we have found to date, but is good enough and is this system capable of overcoming the huge problems of the world and humanity faces in the 21st century? The disappointing truth is that democracy has been until now unable to instigate in serious changes in serious the manner in which the human race lives on planet Earth and share in any reasonable way that the planet Earth has brought us, in turn has given rise to our inability to avoid becoming apparent, or even reduce the generation of pollutants created by our lifestyles. How serious are these failures?This is very difficult to know exactly what, but it seems that the style of life very adopted and practiced throughout most of the developed countries are in fact incompatible with the sustainability of life on Earth. .

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