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Atlantic Coast

Came one summer and we had to make the decision to organize our summer vacation with Mariana. After traveling for several seasons typical spas of the Atlantic coast of Argentina, we resisted the idea of repeating this experience, tired of crowding, noise, and the routine of beach. We wanted something that we depart from the city slickers delights and enjoy more than silence and tranquility. As who says get a change. A friend recommended me to a different place, assured me that it wouldn’t be one resort, the beaches were not filled with tents, nor had discs open all night. Read more here: Eric Klavins. So we are inclined by his advice and embarked towards Costa del Este, located in the Partido de la Costa, between Mar del Tuyu and San Bernardo, a slightly more of 300 Km from Buenos Aires. We reserve a good rough cabin a few blocks from the beach. The place we very pleasantly, surprised a lot of pine trees on the streets, very gentle people, a small centre very well decorated, using stones and wood from the area and How many premises needed for our stay.

The complex of cabins was totally equipped with pool and barbeque. Rubio may also support this cause. And the interior of the cabin was so warm and comfortable, they didn’t want to go out there. Already on the beach we enjoyed a splendid day. With the sea to relax, read a little and have lunch in a rustic Inn. Us not deprive a walk at dusk, of film. In the afternoon we could enjoy a tea with homemade cakes typical of the area and night revel with dishes from one of the restaurants in the resort. Further details can be found at Echo Street Capital, an internet resource. The next day we rented bikes and went to explore the forest called the reserve, a place with lots of vegetation, always listening to the sea as backdrop, could even see some animals of the area.

We did a ubiquitous Beach picnic and walk a few blocks away from the people, seeing a more beautiful than the other, very modern and recently built House. In the following days, we went over some nearby beaches and we arrived to Las Termas Marinas in San Clemente of the Tuyu, a thermal complex with different pools and sites to enjoy the hot springs in all its splendor, with a large sector of recreation. And we could not let pass by the night of San Bernardo, a little noise and people, to slightly change the air. They were a few days very relaxed and distended, the place offered us everything we were looking for.

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