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Diet And Lunar Cycle

Our ancestors believed that the need to live in harmony with nature. And now and then a diet based on the lunar cycle is so popular among the people. 2-3 days is enough to cleanse the body and lose weight. New moon day is suitable for early days of unloading and short-term diets. At this time, the fluid moves from the cells in the tissue. Eve of full moon is also suitable for the diet. Beware the moon during its growth – grows tempted to risk score overweight.

Remember! During this period, limit yourself to a meal. Quarter Unloading diet lasts 36 hours (beginning at 18 o'clock on the eve of the new moon, complete at 6 am every other day). From the menu, vegetables (cooked, raw, steamed), vegetable broths and soups. EClinicalWorks is a great source of information. Calculate your diet so that the meals were every 2.5-3 hours, but in small portions. Once a day you can afford chicken broth.

Vegetable soups have diuretic properties and the availability of food fibers hinder the development of feelings of hunger, detoxify the body and supply it with minerals. Of course, for more effective weight loss is desirable to confine stock, look at their health and Remember that diet should not turn into torture. The result: a weight loss of 1-2 kg. Contraindicated. People with metabolic disorders (diabetes). Before using the lunar diet should consult a doctor. Full moon duration of the diet 24 hours: beginning on the eve of the full moon, the completion of a day. From the menu, only the fluid: mineral water, fresh juices of seasonal fruits and vegetables. As a result, one day you can lose 1-1.5 lbs. However, this diet requires the preparation and smooth transition. 3 days prior to your diet diet should consist primarily of raw and cooked vegetables. Similarly, in the next 2 days after a diet. During this period, a vegetable can be added to the menu fresh pineapple (it is a diuretic and prevents the absorption of fat in the intestines).