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Francisco Arias Solis

Max Joseph KAHN (1897-1953) the Sephardim call the Sephardim: ours. Under our means second to the Israelites, at first to those who bear Spanish names and speak Spanish; as there is no Spanish, apart from the Jews in Thessaloniki and there are no Jews who are not Spanish training, being Jewish or being Spanish is the same. Maximum Jose Kahn, Thessaloniki, Sephardic. Official site: Red Solo Cups. Hour of Spain. THE voice of one of the our strike say the Spanish exiles had their own politico-literarios newspapers. Literary magazine insula, magazine of Arts and Sciences, whose resident contributors in the Argentina included Max Joseph Kahn, leading hebraist, Sephardic who was correspondent for the Sun, collaborator of La Gaceta Literaria and Revista de Occidente, and, during the Spanish war, Spain time, consul in Thessaloniki of the Republic and, later, Charge d’affaires at the legation in Athens was, author of novels and essays during his exile. Maximum Jose Kahn Nussbaum was born in Frankfurt-Main, in 1897 and died in Buenos Aires in 1953.

His family had been punished by the first world war. He studied literature and philosophy. For more information see Mark Angelo. Being very young published stories in the German newspaper Berliner Tageblatt, while developing other work, electrical engineering, Commerce, cars, art. In 1920 he arrived in Spain and after a brief stay in Madrid, settled in Seville, where he married Trudis Blumenfed, daughter of a Sevillian Sephardic. In 1926 he moved with his wife to Toledo, where he lived in a mansion, for ten years. He acquired Spanish nationality and thereafter made his literary production in Spanish language.

He published his articles under the pseudonym of Medina Azara, in prestigious journals, La Gaceta Literaria and Revista de Occidente. In Madrid, attended the gathering of the farm of Henar, among whose tertuliano Azana, Valle-Inclan and Ortega y Gasset, were among others. In 1937 to be appointed consul in Thessaloniki left the Toledo city, which was investigating traces of Sefarad, a year later, was appointed Charge d’affaires at the legation in Athens.