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Venezuelan Manager Power

Alberto Rial, emphasizes that on the basis of the dominant social traits, can build a profile of the natural Venezuelan Manager who does not come to be anything other than the description of leadership style preferred by the average inhabitant of these lands. I.e.: delay until the last minute decisions, especially the complex, difficult or unpopular; He then demonstrates very impatient. Time is controllable. Form clans, guilds, groups of power; Select your related. based on the friend and the most competent, the Venezuelan Manager, most often is decided by the first. It tends to be authoritarian, controlling and centralising.

His motivation and desire for power not feel at ease with the delegation of functions. You want Empires, both horizontal and vertical. The most important social need is also the most sought reward. It is surrounded by structure and bureaucracy. The risk aversion and the parejerismo are the main motivators for this attribute: the structure provides a sense of security; bureaucracy protects and accompanies: excessively is operating. It interferes in the operations and neglects the strategies. On the one hand, his desire for control leads him to get involved in everything; on the other hand, operations, due to their specific characteristics, are the ideal activity to achieve immediate rewards.

This addition adds, it is territorial. Protects your department or your section of external influences, cela their subordinates and does not share information with their peers. His motivation for power opposes the need for openness. It is a great builder of plots. He tends to repeat the past. It resists change. The future is risky, the change also. Its planning approach is intuitive and informal. When you design strategies, it tends to contaminate them with unrealistic expectations. Unknown errors, look for culprits and resists criticism. Its externality prevents you accept mistakes. Search for the spectacular. Little persists. It’s results with a few glorious blows, and from one day to another.