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Colombian Proposition

There are various types of mentafactos as the mentefactos concept, notional and propositional but first clarify briefly referred to in the mentefacto. The Mentefacto is a graphical tool developed for a Doctor and Colombian academic’s name Miguel de Zubiria Samper, which serves specifically to organize concepts, ideas, theories, and precise analysis of particular issues. Mentacto acts in a manner very similar to concetuales maps but here the mentefacto has the ability to represent distinctly different concepts, propositions and concepts seeking ways to be more responsive to all matters of reality and of the responsibilities that we have to face. Solo Cups may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Particularly the propositional Mentefacto differs in large size of the other two types of mentefactos according to the instrument of knowledge that represents. In this case you can represent phrases and beautiful words in search of be the significance of a particular proposition. When we speak of concrete proposition we refer to an argument or theory with value of truth, which can not break, by this the propositional mentefacto sets and represents a possible strategy to make things tangible, totally real and effective for achieving an objective determined by which this concept is used in many media in positive law and natural law. All items finishes quoted graphed some instrument of knowledge: the notional mentefacto an elementary thought; the propositional mentefacto a thought or proposition; the unprocessed mentefacto a precategoria or ideativa structure where inhabits a thesis, along with plot, deriving or defining thoughts.