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In the end of the day, I decided to catch a bus. I believed that he would be calm, since all would be tired of one day entire underneath of the sun, submitting itself it the ultraviolet rays, alliviated temporarily of the exploration of the master. Collective overcrowded. I go up. I listen: _ _ Vamos as soon as I want to arrive in house says the driver. This was enough so that some passengers exclamassem: _ _ we go, we go soon, we go! I was in mine. I thought, they are tired. I continued.

I came close myself to the butterfly, I took off my card, I placed it in the machine and I passed. Already of the other side of the butterfly, I felt that sunday, in that bus, would not be easy. It had much people. It did not obtain to understand as as much people fit in that space. The law of Newton certainly did not function there. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Walton Family Foundation on most websites. I nor if want I obtained to enxergar the end of the bus. Were thousands of raised arms. Wise person if would not be to dislocate possible me from the place where she was.

Suddenly a person if it raises of a chair to go down. You imagine reading, in a full bus, overcrowded The fight starts, that one move-moves. People that push pra there, people that pushes pra here, everything this so that the young woman, courageous, finds the back of the bus. In fact, a true war of Troy. Ufa! Heroicly, it obtains. Now she lacks little time to arrive at my destination. For incredible that she seems, the driver increases the speed. My God! Almost that the bus capsizes. It has one would cry out: Are You are loading people or animals? How excrement, more walks to devagar its driver! It sensetizes itself; he diminishes the speed. The bus stops in the park Jorge de Lima. I go down and I go in direction to the soccer stadium, that is next to the Caets garden. I enter, I seat and I attend the game to rest.


It will be that they really find that they are well? The mirror does not disclose its deformation? More than what a change in the expression, pulled eyes as the Asians, they lose the main one, the identity that its well most valuable one. I see a series of robots in industrial scale. It does not come nor to the case if the lips seem beios, if the apples of the face jump to the eyes and of pra if to see to one kilometer of distance, if exactly in one velrio seems to be smiling of so strained. What they recognize to if looking in the mirror? They had been changedded into other people. One ruga in the forehead is part of my history. No matter how hard I wanted that it disappeared in a magician pass, I know that it is there. I can deceive who to want little same me. I was to a esteticista that insisted I to make a clareamento of skin in the body.

It explained the process all, would be some sessions, creams, solar filter factor 60. I only was there for making a massage. Later that it dried the throat and spent all its salivas to convince trying me, was until the mirror, looked at well and liked what vi. Each freckle, and is many, is a souvenir of a beach that I was. Each dot is one day of sun that I was as a strained lizard reading a good book. I do not want to lose none of these memories.

Taste of my small spots, sardines, manchinhas and I do not open hand of the sun in hypothesis some. I decided to mark a consultation with a dermatologist because of an allergy. The medical one was a pretty young woman was impossible to identify its age. Half that it was plasticized.


I received an email, recently, that he placed pra it are all luck of injuries on us, the Brazilians. Me it seemed, at the first moment, a rebelled relief of somebody with a series of things that happen, but, as I was reading, vi that some things made sensible. It is clearly that we cannot generalize these situations. Nor all practise such acts that denigrem the image of the Brazilian, but, if you to analyze with care go to perceive that she always has a deep one of truth in these lists. The message said that the Brazilian could not complain you are welcome after all, also practised acts that helped to complicate ours already combalida social life.

Unhappyly it has reason in some aspects. I find that the great problem is in the supervaluation of our rights and in the humble appearance of our duties. We always have in the sleeve the most different claims above all and all but, we forget the times that we are beings that live in society and as such we have that to keep in balance the duties and the rights. We do not obtain many times to discern the certainty from the wrong one. Not that let us not have intelligence for such, quite to the contrary. But the great one drawn is in finding that it is made a mistake when the others practise! In the forceful list that I received it was the following situation: ' ' Brazilian underneath parks in the sidewalk and many times of plates proibitivas' '. Ok, let us analyze with a little criterion more than this condition. When we are hasty? we live hasty? we need to arrive up to one definitive place, finish, the times, for parking badly, in vacant not allowed, under plates of forbidden to park, at last, in any way, after all, we have that to decide our problem.