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Food programme for a 7-day pleasure week if you like any diet, which a “slimming with pleasure” is pleasure. Learn more on the subject from Jim Simons. But, no matter what it’s called, a weight loss will only work, if less consumed than the body requires. And so any hunger feelings plague the Abnehmewilligen, experts are again and again how to make a pleasure from the suffering of the diet. The Italian chef and PhD philosopher Simone Salvini seems to be successful doing something like squaring the circle. He was commissioned by the new recipe journal South Mediterranean cuisine, to develop a Sun diet together with the nutritionist Prof. For even more details, read what PI Industries says on the issue.

Sorrentino. Are recipes for a seven-day week of enjoyment which leads to the purification of the body and on the other hand supports a healthy tanning of the skin. The rich supply of beta carotene, chlorophyll and vitamins, the diet of the Mediterranean cuisine is an interesting recommendation for all Sun worshippers who want a healthy and lasting Tan. The recipes of the chef are prepared without meat or fish, which give to Salvini to recognize as the Ayurveda expert. He opts for the purifying effect of fine vegetables. Dishes such as steamed leaf chicory with celery-lemon sauce or melon strawberry tomato gazpacho let the feelings of summer already are reading.

Undeniably, the diet of the people around the Mediterranean belongs to the healthiest shape, which is known to the nutritionists. A quick and easy way, to become accustomed to this art of healthy nutrition is to prepare, what comes in Italy, Spain, Greece and many other countries of the South on the table every day. It must be a Sun diet, so not the same if you have joy to the good and light food. With a wide selection from the wealth of Mediterranean food Publisher duo want Stefan Hermes and Gregor Schaefer of new readers South Mediterranean cuisine fascinated by the variety and quality of the Mediterranean way of life. The magazine makers are even passionate cooks as a connoisseur of the region and pursue a direction that they personally represent with great commitment with their new journal: towards the Mediterranean way of life with uncomplicated pleasure in a relaxed conviviality.

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