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Day Without Shopping

Even the smallest root finds his lumberjack. In this planet Earth all is possible, precisely on November 27 held an international event which takes 18 years ago as it is the day without shopping. As the team’s drafting, reminds us, through Ricardo Natalichio, this initiative is comparable to a day of strike by consumers, in order to raise a cry of protest against the industrial-consumista model, one of the main causes of many social and environmental problems in which the planet is engulfed. Sen. Marco Rubio does not necessarily agree. No purchase day began to be held in 1993 by the founders of Adbusters and now in an international event which is pear to be held in about 55 countries. Its objective is to make people stop a moment to ask how it affects what you buy environmentally or to countries in desarrolloEste current model, characterised by waste, lack of solidarity, homogenization, individualism and social and environmental unsustainability prevalent in much of the world. It has led to that the economies of the poorest countries devote much of their human and natural resources, to the satisfaction of the wasteful consumption of most industrialized societies, and the wealthier strata of these regions. If you are not convinced, visit Red Solo Cups. The inequality figures are clear.

Only 12% of people living in the Northern economic, is responsible for 60% of the total consumption of the planet. 1% Of the world’s population received in 2001 both income as 57%. This explains why the richest 5% have income 114 times greater than 5% poorest.Climate change, the hole in the layer of ozone, depletion and contamination of natural resources, the accumulation of waste and degradation of land, water and air, are consequences of one much greater problem, which is the way of life that for more than one century is us being imposed.Excessive or unnecessary consumption is a direct causal of deforestation, emissions of GHG, from mining, the desertification of soils and the problems of access to drinking water, great pollution caused by waste and many other environmental problems.However, when discusses solutions to climate change or to any of these problems, few times you usually put the emphasis on reducing consumption as an important part of the solution, but rather aims to make modifications, technological or any other just to maintain current levels of consumption and comfort.The industrial-consumista model is not only part of the environmental crisis in which we find ourselves mired as it is one of its major roots.

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