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The men’s fashion in the 20th and 21st century the multifaceted of skin Couture can be found also in the fashion for the Lord. Rarely, the man looked so casual and elegant, like in this day and age. The previous 08/15 clothes no longer can be found at the modern man. He wears jeans, he wears fleet shirts and matching Blazer. The man of today places value on himself, he maintains with fashion products like woman also. Of course the classic suit is still a high priority, but the shirts to registered have become trendy and fashionable. The so-called “dress code” of the man of who makes him more confident to this also in the choice of his clothes. The suit or the tuxedo be worn in the evening, T-Shirt and the still popular trousers for sports, this “dress code” is to be properly tightened security and the feeling at any time the man.

Of course, today’s man experimented also very fond. Why not? The selection of fashion brands and items of clothing is enormous. A very trendy and high quality men’s fashion for leisure activities, an example to call, such as the Camp David fashion. Especially, this men’s brand by Dieter Bohlen DSDS-jury member is known, which makes advertising for it as a style icon. Is the man of “fashion”? The term fashion comes from the French vocabulary and distinguishes a trend in the direction of fashion for some time. What is trend? “What’s in” and what remains of the fashion world? Ever-changing fashion trends point the way to new fashion consumers.

It is a compulsion, it is nice, it is just fashion, if men and women want to be always tip-top dressed. It is alone not only clothing, which accounts for the fashion. This includes also shoes and various related accessories. Its exclusivity has not lost to date fashion, which has stock, the so-called classics, like for example the sheath dress (1926 created by Coco Chanel), such a fashion. This dress is still the most feminine garment of the woman. Also in the men’s fashion, there are such creations, which are subject to not change the fashion time. Here, the classic can- and yet elegant suit are mentioned repeatedly season have coats in the form of trench coats. In the major fashion shows are seen year after year, designers present their creations and thus creating the trend of the coming season. of course in the form of portable and modified. But often style and material in the given trends can be found. Who wants to go with the “mode” and always up to date, you want to be dressed, which is based on the proposals, which the designer market every year.

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