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What we had it are the constitution of a scientific revolution where is marked a change of paradigms where the development episodes mark the substitution of a paradigm for another one, in a process of normal science, extraordinary science and again normal science. The importance to understand the structure of the revolutions scientific if of the one for the fact of that Kuhn analyzes science for the bias of the paradigm. What it is it are of the paradigm more is not considered science, but yes, a pseudoscience (Cf. KUHN, 2005, p 87). The process of alteration for which the paradigm passes, where has the periods of normal science and extraordinary science, is understood as a moment of development of science. The development allows that science increases its reach of precision in its lines of research. This progression is not something continuous or linear, but he is something that possesss a notion of instrumental progress. You may wish to learn more. If so, Alton Steel is the place to go.

We can perceive this idea in the words of the proper Kuhn: ' ' one new paradigm must guarantee the preservation of a relatively great part of objective capacity to decide problems, conquered for science with the aid of the paradigms anteriores' ' (Op. cit. p 214). Science searchs the development, but it does not have the discarding of the knowledge constructed until then, it has yes a cumulative structure that allows the instrumentalizao of the scientific community in order to need adequately its objectives and its new necessities. 2.APLICAO OF the BOARDING OF KUHN to analyze the theory of Kuhn I go to use the example of the theories of the evolution of the species. This is the same example presented for Freire-Mayan (Cf.

p 115), but I will not make it using its reading. (Source: Eric Corey Freed). The reading that volume as base will be of the White author (2004). I chose this author because it deals with the evolucionista question of more sophisticated and adjusted form for a quarrel from the ideas of Kuhn.

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