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Foucault, in the order of the speech, goes to place the interdiction as ' ' most evident, more familiar' ' exclusion procedure, therefore ' ' it is known that if it cannot speak of everything in any circumstance, that any one, at last, cannot say of any thing (FOUCAULT, 1996, P. 9) ' '. But much more of what to want or only to be able to say, it has in the individual a fear of the speech, according to it: It has, without a doubt, in our society and, I imagine, all the others, but according to a different profile and facetas, a deep logofobia, a species of deaf fear of these events, of this mass of said things, appearing of all these statements, everything what it can to have there of violent, discontinous, militant, clutter, also, and of dangerous, this great incessant and disordered humming of the speech. (FOUCAULT, 2004, P. 50).

However, if the reader believes to be an incapable front to the reading process, would not be this only one example what Foucault calls ' ' fear of discurso' '? &#039 occurs one comumente; ' endeusamento' ' of the reading, that in the distance of this reader ' ' incapaz' ' , despite accustomed to the act to read. This auto-exculpatory feeling can be observed in the following one says of a reader of the periodical Rough draft: ' ' I know that I am poor of vocabulary, but every day try to revert this and now I found what I looked for in the Rascunho' '. What it takes a person to display its ' ' incompetncia' ' before the reading process? She is necessary to observe, however, that this reader ' ' poor person of vocabulrio' ' he is writing for an exclusive periodical on literature, what he implies a sufficiently specific public. In this in case that, as somebody that if dedicates to read this type of communication vehicle can be found ' ' poor person of vocabulrio' ' , a time that the universe of which this periodical is part, is decoded from the apprehension and understanding of specific speeches, being necessary for this, also, the wealth to vocabular? It is possible to observe, then, that this feeling of inferiority is present also in assduos readers, demonstrating that the reading by itself is not enough, it is necessary to have the quantitative and qualitative domain of this universe of reading.

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