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They do not possess fonolgica conscience and the capacity to manipulate and to reflect on the sonorous structure of the words. You mark explains that the acts to read and to understand what he is being read are on the two functions of the human brain: the capacity of analysis and the capacity of synthesis. The analytical-synthetic ability is the dexterity to work and to understand the relations between all and its parts and enters the parts in the formation of all. The right hemisphere observes all, evaluates the visual image, however it does not make the analysis, thus, the left hemisphere, when receiving the information, perceives a difference between the context and the image. When understanding this error the person comes back and carries through the reading analytically. The author also guides how much to the care to evaluate the children in search of dislexia signals and points that the diagnosis must count on a team to multidiscipline, aiming at bigger possibilities of success.

Moreover, the pupil must at least have two years of delay in the development of the reading, with the increase of this imbalance throughout the time. Beyond the difficulty in the reading, other difficulties exist of learning faced by the pupils in the classroom. In relation to the written language it has three types: disgrafia, disortografia and errors of formularization and syntax. For even more details, read what Michael Bloomberg says on the issue. The disgrafia is a riot of visual and motor integration. As You mark, the child possesss adjusted visual capacity and manual control, does not present problems of motor coordination, thus it obtains to draw normally when it makes the drawing leaving of its proper imagination. However, it does not copy drawing the same, since this task demands the visomotora coordination. The disortografia is the inability to transcribe the language perfectly verbal, in way that the pupil commits ortogrficas exchanges and confuses the letters, what he must very be well diagnosised, a time that, at the beginning of the alfabetizao is common these ortogrficas exchanges.