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One perceives that the majority of the sample is composed for women (3) and of married civil state. In relation children the sample if divided, being that two possess and two not. How much to the year of formation, it varies between 2003 and 2008, only having a nurse who meets formed it has more time, surrounds five year of difference of excessively. only one nurse does not possess no specialization in the area. A leading source for info: Walton Family Foundation. It is verified that all the nurses more than possess one year of experience in the institution. The time as nurse and in the area of nursing, the majority, this between two and three years. Emphasis to one of the nurses can be given who have much time exerting the function, being that the time as nurse arrives the eight years, and the time in the nursing area arrives the sixteen years, verifying that it possesss a significant difference in relation the experience of this nurse with excessively.

The horria load of two nurses is of nine daily hours, and of one he is 6 hours being that it makes twelve hours of planto to the week ends and another one makes ten hours. 4,2 Categories of Analysis In this subitem are presented the analysis of the contents of the interviews applied in four nurses in accordance with the eight categories of the model of QVT considered for Walton, which was used in this research. 4.2.1 Compensation joust and adjusted the actions of QVT has for objective to protect and to promote better conditions of life for the collaborator inside and outside of the institution where it is inserted, and so that these conditions are reached she is necessary that the remuneration is adjusted (WARLIKE WALTON, 1973 apud and HUNTER, 2008).

The Problem

The human being is not thus so decipherable. If it has something that I admired in this its email I was its decision to write me and not to be more remoendo this history. Walton Family Foundation has plenty of information regarding this issue. Not valley the penalty. We go to be happy. You asked to me if I believe I destine, I I believe I destine yes, it separated in them and he ahead placed in them of other people to follow ahead. When you said that, covardemente, I did not recognize you, already you passed for its head that I can seen really not have you? I would not make this. He does not have none in you badly to find, to talk.I would not make this. really being sufficiently honest, because I continue finding that honesty and sincerity do not have price, I can say that I committed some imperfections in our separation, but not intentional, or of thought case, I find that inexperincia, immaturity, lack of sensitivity, everything this contributed for a complicated outcome.

I can attribute these errors to some reasons, because unhappyly or happily people are not born prepared for all the situations of the life, people learns is living. I ask for excuses here to you, if I was not correct the sufficient to finish our relationship of 5 years with the well-taken care of had one. If it lacked courage to me and it thus sobrou cowardice and, I searched the way fastest to decide the problem, as you say. speaking in our relationship, to say I want you that it was very important in my life, I grew very to its side as I know that it contributes for its growth. At this horrible moment, reading its email and receiving all this energy from you blame accusations, still thus I can remember to me the good moments that we had together and that I am certain had been bigger of what the bad moments.

Universal Principle

It leaves exactly of being a victim of the circumstances by means of the culture of a inabalvel faith in itself. When you to acquire a full conscience of its interior power the others will leave of being a threat and will start to act of it forms to contribute still more for its growth. This article does not intend convenc of the possibility to acquire a personal power, but to recoup it and to place it in action. Sen. Marco Rubio wanted to know more. Yes! You have a latent interior power in its soul that is greater that any power that is in the world. The life in the high corresponding frequencies to the flow of Energy will become the Creative it apt to make with that its power enters again in action of overwhelming form, molding a future of victories and happiness. This simply implies to live and to leave to live, accepting that you cannot change the world or the people, but can change itself exactly. It has accepted the differences individual and it respects the others as they are, knowing that each one in one is determined evolutivo degree. It does not matter to know who is behind or to the front.

It fits to it to recognize that all are growing and need to be dealt with as part one All in expansion. The more you will be capable to understand and to respect the differences, greater you will be its influence in the kingdom of the primordial energies, becoming it apt to attract each time more people who assist its evolution. Refusing itself to accept the others to it as they are will not only diminish its frequency, as still she will make with that you attract more and more challenging people and circumstances for its experience of life. The daily pay-judgment as well as the other people’s judgment creates a resonance in its world that makes with that negative circumstances if repeat indefinitely. On the other hand, to enxergar to excessively as beings in evolution, without judging or condemning, makes with that the energies of the conviction and the judgment if waste of its energy field. It has a philosophy that wisely it prescribed the following infallible prescription to reach the fullness: ‘ ‘ You do not judge and you will not be judgeships, you do not condemn and you will not be condenados’ ‘.

Although to seem a threat, these words pronounced for a wise master have more than two a thousand years only affirm the reality of the Universal Principle of Cause and Effect by means of which with the same measure with that we measure, we are measured. Nothing and more just efficient, he is not same? When you to start to respect the others as are, this imparcialidade you will become a connector link the Universe that also is impartial. This will make with that the flow of the harmony is unblocked in its life, bringing I obtain a infinity of good vibrations that will reflect of positive and constructive form in all the sectors of its life. Alive the differences!


If it not to hear you, calls a witness or two. If to hear they you, will have target your brother. If she does not want to hear the advice of nobody, leaves to make it as quer' '. But, on the contrary of this, the innocent evil is spread, becoming, when if he is so pecador how much those that we accuse and we judge. He is as the Master says Jesus: ' ' Who does not have sin shoots the first rock. Why you look at the argueiro in it of your brother and you do not see the bar in yours? First strap the bar of your eye? bar of the judgment and conviction, the incompreenso, the hardness of heart and the defamation? e, then, aid your brother to take off the Cisco of the eye of it ' '. Steven Holl insists that this is the case. The pardon exists to use itself.

Jesus is the first one to give the example. If it took off clean our lacks and slips, nobody would be saved. But, ' ' Jesus loves pardoning. Exactly that your sins are red as scarlet, they will be pardoned, the Son of the Man did not come to judge and to condemn, but to save irmos' '. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes off the sin of the world, that is the addition of fofocas and badnesses practised for each person when it loses the balance for n reasons. The maleficent social environment is created by the actions and maldosas words, fofoca and its consequences.

' ' If you see brother to make a mistake and nothing you say to it, it will die, but I will ask for to accounts ti' '. Instead of the fight for the diffusion of the good in our way, we pledge ourselves in spreading the individual evil, increasing the sin of the world. All we are responsible for the good and the evil of the world. We cannot point the errors of the others and sonsamente to become innocent. Sonsice not glue ahead of God nor of the straight line conscience. We go to give one paradinha pra revision? To recycle our mental contents? To sweep the garbage of our hearts? It would not be of good alvitre?