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How To Choose An Electric Guitar Or Bass Guitar Beginner ?

First of all you have to determine your internal needs – personal tastes in music, your temperament, a potential musician, think of your favorite performers on the style and sound that you plan to to navigate. Agree – it would be rather strange if you were offered to purchase the same tool to perform old blues and misissipskogo speed power metal. Different genres imply different playing techniques, and leading manufacturers of fine guitars that feel like letting go is often outwardly similar instruments, but roznyaschiesya of its electrical nature of the materials they used, on a purely physical parameters, the thickness of the neck, bore length, width and height of the frets, the nature of electricity itself Defeat and pickups.

Even such a seemingly small thing – paint, covering the instrument housing, also affects the character of the sound. Learn more on the subject from Rubio. And all together – as it is sometimes sad – determines the price of the instrument, sometimes raising it to an unattainable level for a beginner to a few thousand ‘green ones’. But the way to deal with ‘expensive chairs for workers of all countries’ is still there. Not perfect, but at some point a critical mass of creativity in the face of intractable problems. The fact is that today the market for guitar production, though full of strange and suspicious of unfamiliar names low prices did not change the main leaders ‘gitarostroeniya’ – brands such as Fender, Gibson, Jackson, Ibanez, Peavey, Yamaha, Warwick, Washburn, etc., are in high demand among buyers and sellers well-deserved reputation.


This is a question of refrigerators and washing machines. On this background it is impossible to rely on, he gives the impracticability and depressing monotony. It is like a plate of these people: she knows only one rate, only one speed, when the plate finish the game until the end, the turning mechanism is triggered, and all the repeats – with the same modulation, comments, and rhythm. Therefore, such speech is infinite and unthought, two or three plates can communicate among themselves only the information that they recorded, but this mechanical exchange is not able to produce something new. It does not create a new, this speech. One is not able to fertilize another speech – it is childless, it unproductive. What is this manner of speech, what is its main feature? This speech, above all, do not read and not accustomed to reading people. These are people postknizhnoy culture – postknizhnogo thinking, and their speech, respectively, postknizhnaya: it is featureless, weak-willed, sexless.

This is a question a man who could put the letters into words, but not familiar with reading as a process and this process is not transformed. This did not happen today, or yesterday – but only now taken shape in something self-contained, was fixed as a norm of the second generation. Such was the general spirit – free spirit, so to speak. Of the mass consciousness and a half or two generations have disappeared about the idea minimum reading. The fact that once expressed with the phrase "it should read in my life, everyone." One set of books, which used to "give" the school curriculum and to make up the basic cultural background Soviet Man (Pushkin, Gogol, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Turgenev, and others).