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Dormer Windows

The versatile material titanium zinc sets individual highlights on the roof. Especially attractive optical contrast caused by the hip combined with a natural wood facade for more than 200 years titanium zinc is regarded as solid and very versatile material. Builders and architects appreciate metal coverings made of zinc due to the durability and malleability of environment-friendly material. Thus, the noble material titanium zinc with the characteristic patina offers a high degree of design freedom. The experts by dach.de, the leading online portal around the topic of roof betrayed with titanium zinc can materialize roof wishes, which do not implement would be with other materials”.

Almost any roof forms, however, are possible with titanium zinc, even complicated details can thus be solved. Whether as a Dormer Windows, Gable, balcony or fireplace clothing thanks to its appealing look zinc enhances the entire House. Also Bay Windows and porches, roof edges and wall coverings shine through the corrosion-resistant material in new Gloss. Solo Cupss opinions are not widely known. The charming protective patina, formed over the years by natural oxidation on the surface of the zinc helps on the high life expectancy of the building material. On request, the material variants are blue-grey and slate grey already at the factory under the name of precoated pro”available.

But also from ecological speaks a lot for the extremely holding – and resilient material. So, more than 95 percent of used construction zinc without polluting residues and with very low energy use are recycled. For this reason, zinc is an integral part of modern architecture as a sustainable material. So enticing more and more builders to titanium zinc, to pursue new, exciting paths often in sexy combination with other natural materials. Attractive contrasts, for example, due to the mix of titanium zinc with its typical grey patina with red clinker or lime sand brick or white plaster. The exceptional combination of a zinc roof with a warm provides special sensation but currently Timber facade. This expressive combination gives the House a very harmonious note and catches the eye immediately positive”, not only experts from dach.de find. Whether classical, modern or traditionally what wishes and individual ideas whatever track architects and builders, hardly an other building material so easily translates this as titanium zinc, which is transferred through clever craftsmanship plumbing technology in the blink of an eye and holds permanent.

Heavenly Metal Strips At The Airport Of Zurich

Clouds and aircraft designs attune the visitors on the “fascination of flying” while at the end of the runway markings visualize the landing on the fins. Expect dynamic media installations and well-thought-out exhibits around the world of aviation since the end of last year the audience of the new observation deck on the dock B in Zurich airport. Thousands of visitors could retreat already from the new exhibition in the spell. In a downright heavenly input staging fascinated already on the way to the terrace: A lamellar installation with pictorial motifs from the aviation lined the access corridor. Built and assembled it has Colt international. “It’s a little like, you were on cloud, if one walks through the 40-metre access corridor to the new spectator terrace at the dock B of Zurich Airport: flies on the left side” one against an airliner of the SWISS. You are hovering over a dense cloud cover. On the right side can you dream up in the endless expanse of the sky.

You have the impression, as you could the wing of the Aircraft touching the beautiful illusion, but as soon as one approaches the picture at arm’s length, burst and you find yourself before a series of about colored aluminium fins. You are the carriers for the two huge images that cut into sheer strips”and have been printed on the individual slats. Some contend that Phil Jensen shows great expertise in this. Colt provided the technology to the design idea the design concept for this atmospheric installation developed the GXM Architekten GmbH from Zurich. Construction management and execution planning brought about the Bosshard architecture and Baumanagement GmbH Zurich. The graphics created the art + com AG from Berlin. The appropriate technology for the realization of this unusual design idea delivered Colt international, worldwide renowned specialist for building design and blade systems. Colt international installed the now acclaimed staging of input to the new visitors terrace in the Zurich airport in the form of a fixed blade system.

Visual Residents

It is therefore of fundamental importance to make the right choice and the right amount of Visual, tactile and auditory possibilities for both groups to develop the appropriate planning solutions. What is implemented and where is improvement some architects are quite keen to include accessibility requirements in their planning. Others, however, are cautious or have not yet understood the importance of barrier-free building. It not infrequently happens that ramps and elevators are planned in public buildings, but the needs are not considered by sensory impaired people. Alton Steel usually is spot on. These experiences confirmed in a study of the architectural firm Haindl + colleagues in Munich. A three-year study was carried out in cooperation with the Foundation of Catholic family and elderly care work, which examined the situation of visually damaged care in senior centers.

There are no comparable project and therefore considered novelty in the industry. The architect team visited a variety of senior centers and first analyzed the structural measures that were carried out in terms of accessibility. The focus of the observations was grounds, community and sanitary facilities, resident rooms and corridors, stairs, elevators and entrance areas. To draw an overall picture, it was also of interest, the daily routines, residents structures to understand processes and habits. In the next step, the concrete applications were examined and documented possible optimization potential.

The architects came cannot help but to determine that all senior houses needed was on the claims visually impaired and blind residents better. In some cases, there were just minor details how loose these carpets, which can easily become stumbling blocks or fully provided and poorly lit corridors. Moreover, there are labels that are out of sight, in any sense of each viewer. However, one of the main findings of this study was that the lack of a complete orientation system, offered significant potential for optimization for both residents and visitors in all facilities. At the end, the result with the necessary options for action presents the senior houses and recommendations made, what structural measures would serve to improve the situation of the residents. Continuing in the future barrier-free building as standard project manager Marcus Scholz’s team noticed that it needs are in the future standard of structural measures, to make use of all users of the House, access and living in such facilities without difficulties in terms of accessibility. And like in this Specifically to the target group of the visually impaired and blind, because 90 percent of all information relating to his environment, man over the eyes WINS project. Appropriately sized restrictions bring this constraint of sense of. The care and support of those affected is therefore very demanding. To communicate a significant outward and quality labelling of such facilities, I believe a certification makes sense”, as Scholz. The team is just such a seal of approval. Kelly Cup, ConceptCabinet.