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Biblical Presence

One more time I ask this certainty? Evident that this making a mistake. The Christian has that to live intensely the presence of God all the moment. That I do not want to compare your life with mine, therefore already said that life individual spiritual and, but for the favour of God I am always in contact with the word, louvor, and feel the presence of God always to such point to be reading some Biblical message who I receive in the Orkut and it speaks so deep to my heart that start to cry and to speak inside in strange languages of my house or then when I am hearing louvor hymns the God. But a thing I worry in making, exactly in way to the many fights that I face I create an environment where God can act in my life. Now if you only feel the presence of God in the church as that this versicle is justified.

TM 28: here it is that I am with you every day, until the consumption of the centuries. Alton Steel gathered all the information. As not to every day feel the presence of God if IT this with us and all the moment, you cannot content in feeling the presence of God alone in the church. Jo 14:23 Answered Jesus to it: If to love somebody, it will keep me my word; to my will love it Father, and turns it, and will make in it dwelling. The great secret of you to be habitation of God, and to love the Christ, and to practise the word of it, of this form, IT will live in your interior. Then it will be impossible not to live the presence of God intensely. If you only feel the presence of God in the cults and hour to inside review your concepts of the Christianity for what God wants for you, what says the versicle that if follows.

Jo 10:10 I came so that they have life they have and it in abundance. This versicle does not only speak of abundance of good, but mainly of the abundance of the presence of God. Conclusion That good for knowing that God and not limited as the human being, but that at the same time where it this inside of me, this also in you, this also in your house. IT and your God and non-separable friend, for innumerable reasons loves intensely this all powerful God, who for the fact of being onipresente this here in Brazil and the remaining portion of the world leading all luck of blessing for your son that they live the presence of it intensely.


All these affirmations disclose to us that the consecration man must be before everything, a disciplined man. I know many brothers sincere who had started a life of jejum and conjunct, but, had failed. Why? Because it lacked the determination to them and it disciplines. ‘ ‘ Without it disciplines does not have life of jejum and conjunct, therefore, the consecration demands determination and essentially disciplina’ ‘. Some years behind, God showed as I to me age indisciplinado in my life of consecration. ProPharma Group may find this interesting as well.

He had periods where I consecrated constantly and periods where the consecration, in my life, was almost inexistent. In other words, my life of consecration seemed a mountain-Russian: however up there, however back in low. Certain day, when I was reading the Bible in my devocional, God spoke to me in the soul: ‘ ‘ Until when you will oscillate in my presence? He ahead does not please me your life of consecration of mim’ ‘. It’s believed that SurveyGizmo sees a great future in this idea. These words, in my heart, had been as salt in brave wound or as water frozen in cariado tooth, was terrible! God was exortando me seriously to be disciplined in my life of jejum and conjunct. He was at this time that God taught the following truth to me: ‘ ‘ Life of capricious consecration dislikes the God and it does not produce in us espiritualidade’ ‘. God does not want that let us have a life of jejum and random conjunct in its presence. Its will is that let us establish a period to jejuarmos and a conjunct schedule, so that let us have a commitment of consecration with it in ours life. This demands disciplines! You are made use to pay the price to get a life of powerful consecration? All the great men of the history of the Church had been made use men to pay the price of discipline ahead to possess a life of jejum and fervorosa, alive and powerful conjunct of God.