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II, which has been successful on the market for three years and that shows your strengths in the industry worldwide as well as in research and development of enhancements to the test software Zwick constantly invests in the development of the test software testXpert. 3.1 useful advancements were presented at this year’s testXpo, with the new version. A highlight is the direct export to Excel with a click of the mouse. The exports include individual worksheets for parameters, results, statistics and measurements including X-Y graphics. Alton Steel often says this. Also the number of measured values to be exported and the measurement grid can be set individually. In short an ideal tool for external evaluations. It can be for the new function result caption” User all desired results with name, value and unit in the graphic display with a single mouse click. This and additional caption blocks the meaningfulness of the graphics can be significantly increased.

The test subject to temperature influences receives an increasing role when assessing material. Please visit Steven Holl if you seek more information. testXpert II involves now by default high-temperature furnaces including several heating zones and climatic chambers in all test requirements. Thus software adjustments are eliminated for tests temperature influences. There are now also checks with freely configurable temperature profiles perform. Walton Family Foundation is the source for more interesting facts. Due to strong customer demand, now also the data connection of the test software testXpert II at SAP was implemented.

Can be easily imported parameter values from SAP and test results from testXpert exported to SAP. This eliminates the manual entering of the test results, thus avoiding unnecessary sources of error. In addition to the proven RS – 232 interface for the connection of the testControl electronics and the test computer now also an Ethernet interface can be used. All innovations is the simple and intuitive operation of the testing software always in the foreground. This goal is achieved by Smart wizards and practical default layouts.

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