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Same Energies

I understand that its thesis is of extreme wealth and its narrative is impressive. Although little based on concrete aspects to the eyes of traditional science, is formed for what it has of richer in the history of the humanity: the agreement of the world from myths and its psicanaltico bedding that reverence the universe of the symbols, the imaginary one and the lingustica. It was through the myths that the Greeks had formed, based and lived deeply the society that they had erected. By this merit, they are considered until today as a civilization that even so enslaved people and promoted wars had an agreement of sufficiently advanced and fine world that leaves it stops backwards many current governments as civilization models. Ahead the narrative that more is come back toward the women he would like to emphasize that considering the masculine body as come of the same sacred body that the feminine one, if cannot forget that the men keep obtain the beginning of the life, the seeds, us women we have the land, the place where they go to imiscuir themselves, to nourish themselves and to grow to give life continuity to a new to be. For the nature superiority question does not exist or of inferiority, simply it exists yourself, if manifest. The universe is permeado by energies more brandas considered by the orientals as energies yin and for more assertive energies, known as yang, both they interact to combine itself.

Both the sorts need to fight together to preserve the continuity of the life in the planet and to improve it. I understand that she is necessary to take well-taken care of with the speeches of feminine superiority that costumam to be concluded from readings with this thematic one. I understand that the forces need to be integrated and the papers understood for both the sorts, the attitude it needs to be critical, the sharpened look.

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