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Pitchmarken And Divots

The Golfunkundigen some technical terms from the world of Golf may be foreign golfers meets with his bat on the fairway (thats the mown grass between Tee and green), whole pieces of grass can be knocked out. These “grass steak”, as well as the damaged spot are called divots golf. It belongs to the proper Golf etiquette, carefully reinsert such whipped out some lawn and to act firmly, so that it can grow again. A seasoned golfer with DGV space maturation lays back back and even knocked out grass scars so a divot in their own interests, which were forgotten by others. Usually just a divot hit out at the tee is not restored, unless it wants the operator explicitly. From the thickness of a knocked out divots, as well as from the direction taken by it, the golfer can detect any momentum or alignment errors. A pitch is caused by the golf ball.

If the Bal when you play on the Green steep falls, he leaves a more or less significant dent, the pitch. Their size and shape naturally also depend on soil conditions (moisture, sand content) and the felt layer on the Green off. Through the balance of the premium, the grasses can be injured severely. Pitchmarken should be removed immediately as divots as they can obstruct the game of the other golfers. A pitch that will be repaired within a few minutes, has been restored after a day, but already a ten-minute delay caused a 15tagige regeneration time for the green. All are used for their proper disposal. This compressed the edges of the impact hole with a slight twist. Then you can pave the repaired area with a putter or the foot so that again a closed grass surface. It sure is eighth, the fragile grass roots of the Greens to do not damage the repair of Pitchmarken a more important labels, so is fair conditions on the golfer Green rule, and players lose not the fun in the game.

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