Reading With Bean

Making Reading a Positive Experience


The man, for tdio and necessity simultaneously, says Nietzsche, wants to exist socially and gregariamente. Truth, for this great philosopher, is to use the codes correctly, is to obey this convention, therefore when the man creates the first ones language codes, establish, the principle, the first laws of the truth. That’s why the truth depends on its origin. The language figure metaphor is much used in the book because it is the service of the eloquence, is a form of inanimate life, a game with the words. The art is a positividade: a legitimate pleasure of the man, given not for the illusion of the truth, but for the affirmation of the truth of the illusion. It is standed out that the man has necessity of the illusion and had to this creates the reason. It seems me that the life, according to reading and the nietzschiano thought, without the illusion is as if it was an utopia, place none.

' ' The truth is an illusion that not explicit that is illusion, then the truth is one ' ' mentira' '. ' ' Then what it is really? (…) the truths are illusions that we forget that they are, metaphors that had been used and lost its sensible force, currencies that had lost its matrix and that from now on they enter in consideration, already not as currency, only as metal.' ' We believe to take ownership, through the signs, of certain enormous a mass and in measured, disforme, of facts. The power of the intellect is not in dominating, however to believe that it dominates. All interpretation is product of a game of forces, of a fight for domnios, that Nietzsche flame of power will, as cited in elapsing of substract. To know is not to recognize, but to schematize, to simplify, to translate the plurality and the function of the knowledge are to translate the stranger in known.

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