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The product is new and still in the original packaging or it was already packed out and tested? An honest Indication of the product state saves trouble when selling. Offer unique product images: images of a great role play straight when buying online. In a question-answer forum Mehmet Oz was the first to reply. Multiple images from different perspectives are useful. Caution is however copyright: images, for example, by the manufacturer, must not simply be adopted. Consider price exactly: of course, everyone would like to get as much for his inappropriate gift. However, you should look closely at prices already offered identical or at least similar article and consider whether a slightly cheaper price faster leads to the goal.

Even small price differences are often the decisive reason for sale. Free shipping offer: an article affect potential buyers particularly attractive, when shipping was sold. Therefore always consider whether it is worth to assume the shipping costs, so that the product will be bought faster. Maintain contact with the buyer: during the entire sale, the contact is important to Those interested and to keep the buyer and to answer questions in a timely manner. That increases the chance that a good rating on the shopping portal, which in turn helps to sell more items with greater confidence. Well Pack: A bad review can also give it, if the goods arrive defective the buyer. Good packaging with cushioning material such as polystyrene is therefore essential. Even some paper often enough to bolster the goods in the shipment.

About hit master GmbH Hitmeister ( is one of the largest German shopping portals. The ever-growing range includes currently more than 12 million new and used up to household and garden articles, sports equipment, equipment, toiletries and perfume products – from media such as movies, games, and books about electronics. On, currently more than 4,000 commercial dealers sell to more than 800,000 satisfied customers. Monthly Hitmeister had 1.7 million visitors. Extensive warranties and free payment processing protect buyers and sellers alike. Hitmeister is the first online marketplace certified by the TuV Hessen. Hitmeister started in November 2007, the Managing Director is Dr. Gerald Schonbucher. You can find the press release, a related graphics and other information also: press/communication/Christmas gifts online-sale / press contact: Dr. Gerald Schonbucher founder and CEO Tel.: 0221-97597990 E-Mail: press / hit master GmbH, Hohenzollern ring 21-23, d-50672 Cologne, Germany

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