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The higher the blood sugar, the more insulin is released. What is the so called adult-onset diabetes”(D.M.. Type II)? The insulin levels is always too high, E.g. due to unhealthy diet (too much and constant KH) really blunts the cell and reacts only reduced to the key function of insulin. Insulin resistance can have various reasons. People such as Rubio would likely agree. One of the most important is the overweight, in addition to a hereditary tax assessment. Because fat tissue is not a pure ballast”, but it is highly active on the contrary. This applies especially to the belly fat.

Among other things it pays out hormones which affect the insulin sensitivity of cells. Therefore, insulin resistance promotes in particular the stressed abdominal obesity. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Red Solo Cups. Result: It even more insulin is required and produced to introduce the glucose into the cells. This condition over the years remains is the pancreas eventually exhausted and can no longer sufficiently or even no insulin produce more. “The blood sugar rises and rises and the so called adult-onset diabetes” is diagnosed.

Conclusion: Too much insulin inhibits fat, contributes to fat build up, and thus opposes itself to the fat loss! Taking at the same time KH and fat with food to (French fries, fried potatoes, butter pretzel, etc) are first exploited the leichtverdaulichen KH and locked and stored fat. Fat burning can have up to 7 hours on ice the intake of sweets and the resulting insulin secretion. To have a good metabolism of fat requires a balanced diet and physical exercise. A personal trainer can offer you the perfect combination of the two, and assist you in your goal of weight reduction. Personal trainer in Frankfurt and many other cities are like this help! Whoever would like to lose weight, should renounce the combination of KH and fats and especially in the evening reduce the KH recording.

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