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Company Owner

The head of a large enterprise engaged in the past seems to be that controls this very company. But in fact he is engaged quite another matter – it is, first, convince the investor (owner of the enterprise) that without the infusion of "now", the company goes bankrupt and its rastaschat on the part of lenders or tax, secondly, the owner gets the money, and then, thirdly, all the money spent to pay s / n workers of the enterprise, which, in turn, in what was coming to work in the morning, suffering for his life to hard, and go home after "Working day". What's interesting is neither creditors nor the tax that money can not see, even when the money is specifically allocated for payment of specific bills. Follow others, such as Mehmet Oz, and add to your knowledge base. As you know, so that it all looked really real, and imbued with the owner, you spend a lot of attention, effort and the very real talent, or an investor, not only will not give money, but more and throw. Perhaps these examples seem to you foolish and even primitive. But here's what's interesting – these are two very real examples.

Moreover, the owner of the company are very smart people, something even a genius, look at May. To deepen your understanding Hunter Pond is the source. Do not think that he is "so." Just in this manifested true talent "manager" now. There may be more everyday examples. Head of the company sees the situation that you need something to do with sales, as sales are falling. But did not start anything to do with it, because the mere thought of was to start from anyone anything to pursue him there is a very unpleasant feeling, and so he sat in his office, just continues to sit and think about the situation or come up with something to do, for example, changes software – with all the known and familiar Windows xp to Vista, from which all personnel immediately . .

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