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Sports Cars With Electric Drive

Nissan demonstrates environmentally friendly electric cars are sometimes reputed to be more pragmatically designed. In some cases, the design of the function is a child and therefore some vehicles with electric drive give a nondescript image. That there is another way, proves the Japanese automaker Nissan. The vehicle Portal introduces the new model of Esflow. The Japanese manufacturer will present in March at the Geneva Motor Show Nissan Esflow. With the Esflow, Nissan demonstrated that electric cars can be quite also externally attractive. The new model is based on the technique of the Nissan leaf, which is already produced in series.

The unusual design of the sports car aims to provide in particular environmental performance in addition to Dynamics. The color scheme is therefore not at all randomly chosen: Blue stands in the car industry for purity. So icy shades for use, which are intended to underline in particular the cleanliness of the electric drive come with the Esflow. By blue colored carbon fiber inserts are sporty elements such as the wheels, the Side skirts, rear bumper, and the roof spoiler underlines. To improve the aerodynamics small cameras were installed as a replacement for the mirrors in the A-pillars. The Esflow is equipped with two electric motors driving the rear wheels. The battery has a capacity of 24 kilowatt hours.

Zwolfern Sailing

Gaastra presents exclusive sailing fashion: German classics polo shirt Special Edition in the official Gaastra online shop Berlin, 01.08.2011 – sailing enthusiasts already prepare themselves for one of the highlights in the sailing calendar 2011: the XXIII Edition of the famous German classics Regatta this year from 18-21 August 2011 will take place. The popular classic regatta in Kiel, Adeniyi Harbour starts with the international sportswear and sailing brand Gaastra as a main sponsor for the fourth time in a row in the race. To honor the biggest regatta of tradition in the Baltic Sea region, Gaastra has designed an exclusive and limited German classics polo shirt-Edition in known high-quality and fashionable surprisingly the fresh sailing fashion look 2011 with many special details this year. The new Gaastra polo shirt Special Edition is regatta in the official Gaastra Onlineshop at already in the run-up to the German classics 2011 available. Classic Hanse boats, stately Zwolfern”, Skerry, Spitz gates, maritime cruisers, KR cruisers. wooden dragon to Folkebooten, fine Hansa dinghies and impressive yachts: Organized by the circle of friends of classic yachts with the support of the Kiel Yacht Club regatta of German classics, is the melting pot of classic yachts and attracts national and international sailing enthusiasts from the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden each year to Laboe. Beginning 23 years ago as veteran regatta”refers to maintain even today the classic culture the German classics and impress every year by the largest and most impressive diversity with over 150 Classic boats.

Also 2011 starts traditionally on Friday with three short races on classic triangle courses and on Saturday with the long distance race in the Kieler Aussenforde. Another highlight in addition to live music, readings, sailors lounges, regatta parties and a generous culinary offer is the restoration price 2011 of the circle of friends of classic yachts, which will be awarded on Friday evening: appreciated is the original highly receiving of a traditional sword boat or a keel and motor yacht within a restoration project. For the fourth time in a row, the nautical tradition brand Gaastra main sponsor of the German classics is sailing regatta: as international fashion label for high quality sportswear and maritime fashion, Gaastra is renowned and experienced sponsor of worldwide regattas such as the Les voiles de St. Barth, the Copa del Rey before the Dutch Sneekweek and Palma. Specially for the this year’s German Classics, Gaastra has designed polo shirt Special Edition 2011 a special Gaastra German Classics. Available for men and women in white and blue, the limited Gaastra can be ordered polo shirt Edition under at the official online shop of nautical sportswear brand easily. The Dutch sailing Gaastra brand processed their nautical Know-How for over a century in innovative sailing gear and maritime fashion for men, women and children: whether jackets, pants, shoes, sweats, Polo shirts or bags Gaastra combines Mediterranean lifestyle consistent with innovative Functionality and by its many years of experience, enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors and lovers of maritime fashion.


So, no excuses. The advantage of such a circuit training is obvious. It saves time, through the alternating stress the rest breaks are minimized and more importantly, the pulse remains elevated throughout the entire exercise, so that more fat is burned. In the following you can see an excerpt from the six-pack success package. A training session for Monday could look like full-body workout Monday with emphasis on the abdominal muscles first depending on a unit of abdominal exercises to perform, then the complete circuit training twice through. Classic crunch, 1 * 12-15 reps., no knee lift break lying down, 1 * 12-15 reps., no break side upper body lifting, 1 * 10 reps per side, no break of forearm push ups, 1-2 reps, no break back routes, 2 * 12-15 reps, 30 seconds pause squats with barbell, 10-12 reps, 30 seconds pause bench press, 10 reps., 30 seconds pause lat-pull, 10 reps., 30 seconds pause presses back, 10 reps., 30 seconds pause rowing upright, 10 reps., 30 seconds pause triceps press, 10 reps, 30 seconds pause leg extensions, 10-12 reps, 30 seconds pause bicep, 10 Wdh., 30 seconds pause a minute or two repeat pause, then the exercises 6 to 14 reps, 30 seconds pause leg curl, 10-12. Fage so at your destination to create your training plan.

Exercises that should occur in each training plan are the Grundubugen such as bench press, squats and Deadlifts. More abdominal exercises you find in the ebook “Sixpack success training catalog” that was already discussed in the part 3 of the Sixpack tutorial series. In the following I will briefly explain you, as you correctly fill out this training plan as the training plan template correctly filling out the pattern this training plan is designed for a circuit training. In other words, completing all the exercises minutes, then 2-3 break, and then again all exercises.


“The legend Ben Hur seems monumental live ISS experience in the DOME the Roman Ben Hur” was a world success, which movie won 11 Oscars. With BEN HUR LIVE the legend comes back now as a spectacular live experience. The unprecedented staging of the German production company ART CONCERTS will premiere in London on September 15, 2009 and on the 7th and October 8, 2009 in the ISS DOME Dusseldorf, beginning each at 20:30. Staged by means of cutting edge technology and high artistic level, makes BEN HUR LIVE immerse the viewer into a story, which plays 2,000 years ago. Highlight will be the legendary chariot race where, five Quadriga carriages provide a fast-paced head-to-head. The action is accompanied by a poignant, symphonic soundtrack penned by Hollywood star composer Klaus Badelt.

The presale has already started. I’m very excited about this event. A chariot race in our ISS DOME idea is stunning. In addition the first-class cast of crew and the elaborate technology. This is pure entertainment. Exactly what we want to offer our audience,”Manfred Kirschstein, Manager of DusseldorfCongress and head of the ISS DOME. A top-class creative team behind the project: in addition to Klaus Badelt (including Pirates of the Caribbean”), other well-known artists such as Mark Fisher are involved, the already the wall”designed Pink Floyd tour and most recently the design for the Olympic ceremonies in Beijing. Staged is BEN HUR LIVE by Director Philip WM.

McKinley (among other things The boy from Oz”), the renowned British author Shaun McKenna (Lord of the rings” in the London West end) wrote the book. The building in a 360 -Rund allows the viewer an unusual proximity to the events in the Centre of the 2,500 square foot arena. Never so elaborate special effects were used in an indoor live show: daredevil stunts and impressive water, fire, wind, fragrances, sound effects and large-scale projections on a wall of water make the staging of an experience, that all senses of the spectator appealing. Approximately 400 performers and 100 animals, from horses and donkeys on camels to down to free-flying birds of prey, carrying the flair of an ancient arena in the most modern event halls in Europe.

How Does The Wind Into The Socket?

“Electrical systems of wind turbines” at the Haus der Technik Germany stand nearly 20,000 wind turbines (WTS) with a potential of approximately 400 billion kWh and the growth trend continue 1. But how does the use of wind energy in individual wind Turbines and wind farms? What challenges are to solve for the power supply? How interlocks the complex interplay of generator, power electronics and control? The Symposium “Electrical systems of wind turbines” in Essen Haus der Technik treated these and many more questions. Under the direction of Prof. Dr.-ing. Detlef Schulz of the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg is illuminated the overall understanding of the electrical system in many facets: different generator types and modes of operation, function and effects of frequency converters, power control, typical damage during the operation of wind Turbines as well as the legal framework of the network connection policy and network integration. Provides a basic overview of the Symposium on 26 and 27 January 2008 in Essen the wind energy technology in theory and practice and is recommended for Brancheneinsteiger, as well as employees with appropriate electrical qualifications of suppliers, insurance companies, banks and investors.

Oracle Zeitlauf

This award will inspire certainly us to another creative templates in the branding.” Clemens Kalb head of TYPO3 at netlogix, considers the creative collaboration of the partners who brought their specific strengths to the project, a key of to success: In the course of the project many developments of the original idea have arise, which could be successfully implemented thanks to the close coordination between the parties involved. Our experience with TYPO3 from other projects and participation in the TYPO3 development team have helped us to create the technical conditions for requests from Zeitlauf such as the hierarchical integration of other engine components in the product selection. In conjunction with the online Configurator offers the customers of the company Zeitlauf the visually appealing and functional design implementation of da CAPO comfort in the selection and ordering of the products. We glad to contribute a small piece to success from Zeitlauf with this solution!”the winner award shows us that we provide with our ideas for new standards once again. Not only in drive technology, but also on the World Wide Web. But without the professional and creative support of our partners that would not have been possible. The advertising agency since kapo has accompanied us throughout the project very professionally, the programming implementation by netlogix is performance at the highest level. And with sustained success”, as Thomas Horz, Managing Director of the company Zeitlauf GmbH Antriebstechnik & Co KG.

Under the auspices of the competition has taken over the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi). The representative of the middle class of the BMWI, the Parliamentary State Secretary Hartmut Schauerte presented the awards. Partner of the competition are the company DATEV, Fujitsu Siemens computers, Microsoft, Oracle, and Pricewaterhouse-Coopers. About da CAPO da kapo is a part of since 1986 to the most prestigious owner-managed Agenturen in the region. The range of services includes strategic brand management and maintenance with integrated communication classic and new media and the interdisziplinare alignment. Their special commitment already introduced the Furthern in regard to the Personalmanagement an award as a top employer in Germany. Bavaria is the only excellent companies among the TOP100 for outstanding innovative achievements and the successful think tank as KommunikationsdienstLeister several times.

Netlogix about netlogix is a vendor-independent service provider for complex IT infrastructures. The divisions systems, training and media offer consulting, sales and support of hardware and software, with a focus on server and network solutions as well as Communication and security infrastructures, individual software development, IT training and the design of interactive communication systems a comprehensive range of services. Since the year 2000, the company belongs to the leading system vendors and providers of IT training in Northern Bavaria. The Media Division can look back on a number of successfully implemented Internet – and efforts. Alice Klee consulting, corporate communication, since kapo creative advertising GmbH

September Network

Avoid complicated and technical to expression and use examples to the descriptive explanation of the rules. Educate users about policies. It is important that users understand why the rules need to be established and what impact these have on them personally and their job. Make clear the consequences. Users who do not follow the rules, the consequences must be aware. Help to do the right thing.

Just set up a Web policy, specific uses simply prohibited. Support your rules for example through Web filtering technology, so that violations are not possible. Provide a hierarchy for access permissions. Then user access only to resources, the they need to complete of their work. Monitor and improve. Gain insight, if your rules are followed, using both the security information and event management systems as a manual sampling. As a dynamic document, understand the policy and amend it if necessary.

Give more examples of users if problems occur. Following the rules is too difficult, searching for other technologies that you support. More information on the topic at:. * All figures are as long as they are not otherwise marked by YouGov plc. The study was conducted online between September 22 and 29. The number of participants amounted to 212 private IT or telecommunications directors and senior managers. Clavister in brief: Since 1997, Clavister security solutions that give a competitive advantage around the world tens of thousands of companies developed leading network. The Clavister unified threat management appliance (UTM) series and the remote Access solutions provide innovative and flexible network security with excellent management and control functions. Clavister is considered a pioneer in the field of virtual network security. This combination in conjunction with the comprehensive portfolio of hard – and software Aplliances, offers customers an ideal choice with regard to their security architectures. All Clavister products are supported through Clavister’s award-winning support, maintenance and education program. Headquartered in Sweden, the company sells its solutions through international sales offices as well as an international network of distribution and reseller partners throughout EMEA and Asia. Clavister products in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland takes place via the learn sysob VAD and its more than 600 reseller partners.

Australian Institute

Marine biologists in sea sponges and sediments of the great barrier reef discovered an unusual source of large quantities of naturally occurring antibiotics. Marine biologists from the United States and Australia discovered an unusual source of large quantities of naturally occurring antibiotics. Prof. Russel Hill identified a group of bacteria that are found in sea sponges and sediments of the great barrier reef from the University of Maryland and Nicole Webster from the Australian Institute of marine science through genetic analysis. These bacteria called Actinomycetes produce over 70% of all naturally occurring antibiotics and were known so far only from the soil fauna. Actinomycetes are micro-organisms on the threshold between bacteria and fungi. Although Cirrus-like hyphae make up like mushrooms, they are among the bacteria due to the nature of their cell walls. In addition to the ability to produce various antibiotics such as streptomycin, it characterized by, to build complex organic compounds, such as the otherwise indigestible substances cellulose.

Lignin or chitin. Sea sponges are home to many species of these bacteria, and that in surprisingly large amounts of. Between 50 and 60 percent of the weight of a sponge consists of Actinomycetes”, says Russell Hill. About 25 percent of the genetic material is analyzed by the researchers was even new types of Actinomycetes. This is unusually high and suggests that sponges are a very rich source for new Actinomycetenarten and therefore also new naturally occurring antibiotics”, so Hill. Obtaining the sea-antibiotics the cultivation of sponges not offered however, because it is very difficult to breed. With the isolation and selective breeding of the sponge Actinomycetes or by implantation of genes responsible for the Antibiotikabildung in fast-growing species of bacteria it could produce but larger amounts of new antibiotics”, the Hill my Russel and Nicole Webster. The marine Actinomycetes open new prospects not only for future medical applications. Hill noted a high resistance to toxic heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, cobalt and zinc at several of the species isolated from him. The molecular mechanisms of the resistance will be investigated with the aim of putting these micro-organisms as a natural wonder weapon to the decontamination of heavy metals polluted seabeds.

LED Wallpaper

Presentation of the new LED wallpaper at Ingo Maurer related mood and atmosphere of a room substantially with the light. While it fulfils three functions: the ambient lighting for orientation, the room lighting and the zone light is targeted light for certain activities such as working, reading or cooking and the mood light sets effective accents and highlights in space. For a very special highlight in this light choreography, the new LED wallpaper provides Ingo Maurer by architects paper, the first wallpaper with integrated LED lights. Many hundreds small points of light stage this spectacular tapestry of architects paper, the premium brand of A.S. creation Tapeten AG, Europe’s largest wallpaper manufacturer, as a light object.

Behind the idea of the award-winning lighting designer Ingo Mauerer. With this new walls will become a stage for a unique play of light, a spectacle as extravagant as catchy. Architects paper and Ingo Maurer have unique game with lights three years together on the Implementation of LED wallpaper elaborated. Product development takes time, especially since in addition to the pure wallpaper printing too many for us new electrical work came to bear, for which we only had to find solutions”, as Martin Hisge, Sales Director at architects paper. And the usage has paid off: LED wallpaper for the first time modern lighting technology joins with the proven non-woven wallpaper. The wall covering as PCB comes visually. Design and function go hand in hand according to the idea by Ingo Maurer.

On the optional green matte or white non-woven wallpaper, the traces are printed double-sided for a closed circuit, are distributed to white, red and blue LED. The red and blue diodes make optical spatial block, around them the white lights are loosely and irregularly distributed. J.S.. Daneshgar, product designer by architects paper, who was instrumental in the development, expects that the new wallpaper will write history: so far, all works were Ingo Maurer’s design classics. Also the LED Wallpaper has the potential to do this absolutely.” Non-woven wallpaper with lighting the nonwoven wallpaper complies with fire protection class B1 and can be associated with normal wallpaper paste on the wall. A wallpaper strip of 320 x 60 cm consists of five reports a 48, 60 blue and white 60 red LED. At full power, the 840 LED arranged on a wallpaper Strip reach a total of about 60 watts. The LED be controlled with a ballast, which allows the individual programming of each LED color and the adjustment of the brightness. The silver-colored skirting boards make successful transition to the ground, at the same time, the technical equipment disappears behind it. Environmental architects paper has thought also of the environment: LED lights consume 90 percent less electricity than an ordinary light bulb and they have a life span of up to 100 000 hours. Furthermore they do not contain lead or mercury and its thrift CO reduces m impacted the climate significantly. Architects paper In the portfolio of the brand architects paper from the House of A.S. are Creation are handmade unique pieces in small print runs, several innovative wall coverings in sandstone, concrete and slate pattern, the first wallpaper collection by Star architect Hadi Teherani, and now the first LEDTapete by the Munich-based lighting designer Ingo Maurer. Also, architects paper offers customer-specific solutions for the wall based on the latest innovations from the design of the wall. The exclusive wall coverings are to settle in the high-value segment or the object store. Architects, also interior designers, planners and the upscale retail and Interior belong to the target group. Guido Leweringhaus

MPDS Engineering

CAD Schroer for free provides a large number of ACHEMA-tickets. ACHEMA visitors save 30 euros per ticket of Moers, Germany June 2012: on the ACHEMA 2012 provides CAD Schroer in Hall 9.2, stand B30 before innovative engineering solutions for plant engineering. Thereby, the company offers interested parties the possibility to secure free tickets for the fair. The ACHEMA 2012 is vom18.-22. June in Frankfurt instead.

At the same time, the fair is for innovation, technology compass and communication hub. As a leading trade fair for the process industry, placing outstanding accents for the entire industry this year. As a developer of innovative engineering solutions, CAD schroer Group introduces the engineering software MPDS4 this year in Frankfurt. For the ACHEMA 2012 of course the company offers free tickets beforehand the possibility to pick up online a foretaste of its solutions and to secure tickets for the ACHEMA 2012. Who is also about the possibilities in the field of software in the Machine and plant engineering inform would like to, is here and here at the same time can make an appointment for a consultation. On the CAD Schroer homepage, interested parties can secure your tickets. Request free tickets for the ACHEMA 2012 here: news/events/1/1443/pk/173 / software for the planning of complete process plants on the booth B30 in Hall 9.2 can the construction software in detail look at ACHEMA visitors and learn about more details. The software for the construction of the plant is ideal for the quick creation of concept, cost estimation, and the detail engineering of plants of any size.

The software developer is engineering solutions with continuous integration, optimization, and automation. MPDS4 system building online tour: software/MPDS4/plant construction/pk/173 / integrated scalable modular MPDS4 can be scheduled plants of all sizes flexible with the 3D engineering software. Thanks to the integration with the R & I module can Run pipes directly on the basis of procedural planning. At the same time, steel structures, air conditioning systems, cable trays, or complete building can be scheduled. Functions for Visual inspection and presentation of complete systems, as well as for virtual tours are also available. We look forward to the exchange of experience with process engineers from all around the world “, so Sergej Schachow. The feedback from trade fairs and the experience of our customers included regularly in our new software developments.” CAD Schroer CAD Schroer is a global developer and provider of engineering solutions. Company of mechanical and plant engineering, automotive and supplier industry, as well as the public utilities, energy and water management are its target market. With several branch offices and subsidiaries in Europe and the United States the company presents itself today more and more up-to-date than ever. CAD Schroer’s product range includes solutions from the area of construction Plant construction, factory planning and data management. Companies in 39 countries rely on MEDUSA, MPDS and STHENO / PRO to move efficiently and flexibly in an integrated design environment between all phases of product or system development. In addition, customers are supported through services such as consulting, training, maintenance and technical support in achieving their goals. This and an individual customer care ensure higher competitiveness, lower costs and better quality.