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Modern Arts Reading

Being thus, nothing more interesting and pleasant of what to use. Brazilian literature as instrument of cultural, artistic interaction, involving this pertaining to school unit and the community in general. Verifying the reality lived deeply in the state college Francisco Antonio de Brito, in the first year of average education, we perceive the necessity to work the project of form contextualizada for one better assimilation of the contents, that is, for a more significant learning. Through texts the pupils will have the possibility to interact with the reality that the fence, despertando the interest for the reading and consequentemente changing its vision of world. A joint between reading is necessary the contextualizao so that the professors ahead develop a critical sense of the social transformations.

We will search to work of contextualizada form and dynamic, we will carry through a work from some types of texts so that the contents can be studied of dinamizada and simple form facilitating the understanding of the educator and exploring the particularitities of each one. In this direction, this project appears in intention to promote the acquisition of the knowledge of the pupils with reading difficulty and learning. We believe the importance of a pedagogical work that sees the pupil as a whole, that it integrates the family and the community in the search of the overcoming of the difficulties. OBJECTIVES General: To make familiar to the Brazilian literary production and its diverse transformations in elapsing of the decades, also the week of the Modern Arts, as main landmark of our literature. Specific: To awake and to acquire knowledge for the importance of the reading for the formation of the citizen; To understand the relevance of literature for the formation; To critically understand the description-social reality of a people through its lingusticas manifestations; To use the reading as vehicle of interpretation of the historical context and pleasure or entertainment; To present the importance of the art as human knowledge; To use the different registers, also most formal of the lingustica variety, valued socially, knowing to adjust them it the circumstances of the communicative situation of that they participate.

Hyatt Regency Koln Hyatt

After 27 years at Hyatt and after 15 years as General Manager at Grand Hyatt Berlin Hurst goes new ways Berlin, may 27, 2013 Fred Hurst, General Manager of the Grand Hyatt Berlin and area Vice President Hyatt Central Europe, leaves end of August 2013, the company and the 5-star hotel at Potsdamer Platz. A successor will be announced. Fred Hurst worked for Hyatt for 27 years. After its first station at Hyatt in Brussels, the native Swiss and graduated from the hotel management school in Lausanne opened the Hyatt Regency Koln in May 1988. For a decade, he led the 5-star hotel on the Rhine.

After Hurst in 1998 opened the Hyatt Regency Mainz, late 1998 to Berlin, to the management of the Grand Hyatt opened in the same year moved to take over Berlin. In his role as area Vice President for Central Europe the qualified hotelier was also instrumental in the development of the Park Hyatt Zurich, the Hyatt Regency Warsaw and the Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf. Under his direction the Andaz Amsterdam was in the autumn of 2012 Prinsengracht opened. In the past eight years, Fred Hurst invested more than four million in the Grand Hyatt Berlin. Through his visionary thinking and action, the 5-star hotel on Potsdamer Platz became a modern Grand Hotel.

At the same time Hurst pushed steadily the further development of the Hyatt Hotels in Mainz, Hamburg and Cologne. On January 25, 2010 Hurst hotelier of the year was the industry award ‘ the General Hotel and Gastronomie-Zeitung (AHGZ) and the publishing group of Deutscher Fachverlag awarded. Hurst will in future be working as an independent consultant for hotel developments. He remains remains linked Berlin. About Grand Hyatt impressive architecture, opulence in size and design, innovative catering concepts and modern technology characterize the Grand Hyatt hotels. Discerning travellers from all over the world appreciate the elegant ambience that invites you to enjoy, entertain, and networks. Located in the top inner-city locations of cities and in popular vacation destinations, convince the Grand Hyatt Houses with their wide offer for conferences, incentives and meetings of all types and sizes.

Managing Director Gunter

On these three days, the furniture store receives special rates at the kitchen manufacturers. These terms are passed directly to the customer”, so Sebastian Spitzhuttl. 30 kitchens with high-quality equipment at a fair price. Up to 40% fair direct discount on cutting-edge kitchens. This is not exhibition or the goods for sale! You must remove your kitchen only within the next two years.

Buy now, benefits secure and 24 months can be. Also, if you need currently no kitchen this is a premium offer for all who play in the near future with the idea to buy a new kitchen. The furniture Mitnahmemarkt Viva! celebrating its 12th birthday until the next market Sunday. In April 2000, the first was on the site of Neubrunn Furniture transport market of the region opened. See furniture and directly take was very unusual. The customer was used on his furniture a certain amount of time to wait as it is the case today with individually crafted goods”, as Gunter Spitzhuttl.

Current goods, the motto is inexpensive and readily available. The 12-year anniversary took to celebrate the Managing Director Gunter und Sebastian Spitzhuttl to the occasion with all interested parties to furniture. Gifts abound. So the customer goods coupons from some shopping value receives free, also granted Viva! 20% discount on the entire collection. (does not include advertising,-promotional and discounted items) As a top, the furniture store is giving away a sofa at the end of the action. Also for customers who have already purchased a sofa during the action, it is exciting to join in the contest. The value is then balanced against. Information can be found on the website: Viva! synonymous with affordable, modern and beautiful furniture. Who want to quickly change his apartment without having to spend a fortune for it, is at Viva! just right. Beautiful furniture must be expensive! The same applies to the kitchen appliance market kitchen active from Keds ‘.

Deputy Manager

I took over the job of Deputy Manager in the bathroom, where I work, a few years ago. An another colleague had completed her master in the last year. At the moment the desire arose in me again, to follow this training path and to live my long-time dream. My children are now out of the Woods out, so I find the necessary time to prepare. I have informed me then in the Internet, what ways of preparation, and stumbled on the BSA-Akademie.

“Very quickly, then fell the decision, this path to tread.” the BSA-Akademie offers for me the perfect opportunity to prepare”since November 2011 prepares himself with the part-time course of the BSA-Akademie Brigitte Siegl executives for bad companies” on the master examination. A different preparation course for them would not have questioned. All courses, with which it is for the Prepare the master craftsman’s examination, are designed so that you have several weeks classroom. For me, that was not an option, both professional and private reasons. I can not just several weeks of home leave.

This is simply not possible with family and job. The BSA-Akademie offers the perfect combination of distance learning and attendance phases. Through my half day job in the bathroom and the fact that all children are in school in the morning, I have sufficient scope to prepare at home on the presence phases and to work through the lessons. The longest periods of presence last six days at most times, this time I can vote with my husband with regard to the care of our children. For this take I also the drive from Bavaria to Saarbrucken would like to purchase. There is overnight accommodation directly on the site, so that even after the end of presence teaching must go not more somewhere, I have the evening at the disposal, to rework the learned material and the next day to prepare. For even more details, read what Cradle Systems says on the issue. “” For me the perfect way of preparing. “my experience helps me in the preparation” I’m one of the oldest participants with us on the course. Many attend the preparatory course directly in the following their training. So the learning easier them accordingly, because they are still used. I benefit, however, from my many years of experience. I know many things that conveyed in the course, already from the daily practice. And learning is clean also fast again. With every order and every phase of the presence I come my goal a little bit closer, and I think at the end of the BSA course, I will be prepared very well for the master examination.” “Company description Feuchtasia” in wet: the Feuchtasia “in damp offers bathing pleasure pure. In addition to a paddling pool for the little ones, the older children and adult in the shallow pool of fun can (1000 m water surface) fun,. which one has about 70 m waterslide with separate landing pool, air bubble loungers, water mushroom, massage jets, ground water jets, counter-current, waterfall shower and floor bubbles to offer. “Athletes” can drag along the way with their orbits water surface in the sports pool over 1000 m. There is also a diving pool with a 5 m, 3 m and 1 m diving Tower. A beach area attracts with its white beach and thatched umbrellas to stay a. Also lawns, playgrounds for children and adults as well as a place with two table tennis tables and two beach volleyball fields on approximately three acres spread area. Contact: Sabine Mack Hermann Neuberger BSA Academy sports school 3 66123 Saarbrucken Tel. 0681/68 55 0

Self Manage

Prepare for the year ahead – and thus plan your best! What about your good intentions and intentions for the new year? Take something like every year, but the implementation lacking? And that frustrated you? Then you should these projects only once carefully consider, whether it is you actually serious. The more you really want your intentions, desires, and goals, the chance to implement them is greater. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Freepoint Commodities. Again very important: Write down your desires, intentions, and goals. The writing makes the memory much easier and deflects the concentration exactly where you to go: to what is at the heart and should become a reality as soon as possible. So concentrate on the new year and its possibilities. Take a few minutes and plan it in writing. Tesla Motors Club usually is spot on.

The new year is ahead of us: three hundred and sixty five days of our lives. If you would like to know more then you should visit Phil Jensen. It is each and every one, whether it be days of happiness or gloom. Who knows what he wants is How to implement find, even if he has fixed duties and obligations. Instead of moving only in the tight corset of these obligations is therefore the year planning to take advantage of the freedom. And create means to determine when what happens in what period of time. Step by step approach with some considerations for the successful completion of your projects. Step 1: Create a list of all is first of all your desires and intentions for the coming year. Ensure only that you think in all areas of life and not unilaterally focus on the profession. You can consider first your intentions, desires, and goals for the coming year using the following questions: what would I like for the year private / family? What professional goals will I achieve? What will I do for my fellow – / environment? Note also that what is already planned.

Managing Director

The product is new and still in the original packaging or it was already packed out and tested? An honest Indication of the product state saves trouble when selling. Offer unique product images: images of a great role play straight when buying online. In a question-answer forum Mehmet Oz was the first to reply. Multiple images from different perspectives are useful. Caution is however copyright: images, for example, by the manufacturer, must not simply be adopted. Consider price exactly: of course, everyone would like to get as much for his inappropriate gift. However, you should look closely at prices already offered identical or at least similar article and consider whether a slightly cheaper price faster leads to the goal.

Even small price differences are often the decisive reason for sale. Free shipping offer: an article affect potential buyers particularly attractive, when shipping was sold. Therefore always consider whether it is worth to assume the shipping costs, so that the product will be bought faster. Maintain contact with the buyer: during the entire sale, the contact is important to Those interested and to keep the buyer and to answer questions in a timely manner. That increases the chance that a good rating on the shopping portal, which in turn helps to sell more items with greater confidence. Well Pack: A bad review can also give it, if the goods arrive defective the buyer. Good packaging with cushioning material such as polystyrene is therefore essential. Even some paper often enough to bolster the goods in the shipment.

About hit master GmbH Hitmeister ( is one of the largest German shopping portals. The ever-growing range includes currently more than 12 million new and used up to household and garden articles, sports equipment, equipment, toiletries and perfume products – from media such as movies, games, and books about electronics. On, currently more than 4,000 commercial dealers sell to more than 800,000 satisfied customers. Monthly Hitmeister had 1.7 million visitors. Extensive warranties and free payment processing protect buyers and sellers alike. Hitmeister is the first online marketplace certified by the TuV Hessen. Hitmeister started in November 2007, the Managing Director is Dr. Gerald Schonbucher. You can find the press release, a related graphics and other information also: press/communication/Christmas gifts online-sale / press contact: Dr. Gerald Schonbucher founder and CEO Tel.: 0221-97597990 E-Mail: press / hit master GmbH, Hohenzollern ring 21-23, d-50672 Cologne, Germany

Managing Director

Outstanding note by the medical service the medical service of health insurance (MDK) receives the order perform among ambulatory care services quality checks of the maintenance funds. At least once a year, such a test is unannounced and according to set criteria of quality. To keep the test results, transparent and easy to understand, there is a rating system modeled on school grades. The nursing service receives marks for three quality bands and a note, which is derived from the survey of the customers of the care service. To broaden your perception, visit Gallo Family Vineyards. The overall score is as devoted as compared to the national average shows that House Angel care services GmbH is an above-average working. Get all the facts and insights with SurveyGizmo, another great source of information. ISO certification brings Transpatenz and security the DIN ISO 9001 standard describes a pan-European standard that defines the requirements of a customer-oriented, collaborative and process-oriented quality management system as well as its documentation. The certification indicates that is the House Angel care services GmbH has been proven to the Has ISO 9001 standard principles of DIN and developed a systematic quality management system.

The result can be seen: the structures significantly increase the safety and quality for the customers and to supervising persons and guarantee a high and consistent quality in the service and supply them. The House of angels Academy is certified according to the guidelines of the Federal Agency for work with the so-called “Accreditation and approval regulation employment promotion” (AZAV) the Federal Agency has established a framework for work for quality assurance of continuing training. A quality assurance standard, now also the home Angels Academy as a training carrier demonstrably met. The very good rating of various bodies are pleased and it proves that we are with our work in a correct and good way. Yet we will not rest on the result, for us, the satisfaction of our customers continues to be at the top. Therefore, we are in all areas of care and support continue to fight for quality”, so Simon Wenz, Managing Director of Angel home care services GmbH.

Venezuelan Manager Power

Alberto Rial, emphasizes that on the basis of the dominant social traits, can build a profile of the natural Venezuelan Manager who does not come to be anything other than the description of leadership style preferred by the average inhabitant of these lands. I.e.: delay until the last minute decisions, especially the complex, difficult or unpopular; He then demonstrates very impatient. Time is controllable. Form clans, guilds, groups of power; Select your related. based on the friend and the most competent, the Venezuelan Manager, most often is decided by the first. It tends to be authoritarian, controlling and centralising.

His motivation and desire for power not feel at ease with the delegation of functions. You want Empires, both horizontal and vertical. The most important social need is also the most sought reward. It is surrounded by structure and bureaucracy. The risk aversion and the parejerismo are the main motivators for this attribute: the structure provides a sense of security; bureaucracy protects and accompanies: excessively is operating. It interferes in the operations and neglects the strategies. On the one hand, his desire for control leads him to get involved in everything; on the other hand, operations, due to their specific characteristics, are the ideal activity to achieve immediate rewards.

This addition adds, it is territorial. Protects your department or your section of external influences, cela their subordinates and does not share information with their peers. His motivation for power opposes the need for openness. It is a great builder of plots. He tends to repeat the past. It resists change. The future is risky, the change also. Its planning approach is intuitive and informal. When you design strategies, it tends to contaminate them with unrealistic expectations. Unknown errors, look for culprits and resists criticism. Its externality prevents you accept mistakes. Search for the spectacular. Little persists. It’s results with a few glorious blows, and from one day to another.

Quality Management

Projects of the Engineering Office supplier management of Ingenieurburo for supplier management specializes in supplier management, quality management and project management in mechanical engineering, plant engineering and automotive industries. The services include supplier management: supplier selection, supplier development, purchasing and lean management. Quality management offers process audits (VDA 6.3), advanced product quality planning (APQP) and sampling (PPAP, PPF). Here are some selected projects are outlined to show the wide range: selected examples of projects start and new supplier for bi-turbo sports car engine quality management task: new suppliers should be qualified for the restart of a redesigned engine. In addition, all engine components were also new and went through more constructive modifications in the testing phase. Procedure: The suppliers were made familiar requirements of the OEM subject process and product releases in advance with the. In the run-up to processes were examined audited, tools and checks the compliance of specifications. Product-specific sampling carried out after approval of the process, which have been matched and graded with the technical requirements.

Result: Through the intensive care of critical suppliers, many problem potentials in the course of a quality planning have been defused ahead. Procurement of plastic technology tools for automotive (clients: VW, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford) task: an automotive supplier needed tools and additional components for the realization of vehicle new start-ups of well-known automotive manufacturers. It went to components of the areas of air duct, air filtration, oil and valve technology were installed in the engine compartment. Additional information is available at Steven Holl. A core competence lay in the the engine sound design that is modulated in the resonance bodies like the filter housing. Procedure: For the thermoplastic and elastomer plastic components toolmakers were in the fields of plastic injection molding, blow molding, elastomer evaluated and requested. This was supplemented by additional components such as fabric hoses. The Requests were made in direct coordination with the development and according to their specifications.

Result: For the calculation of new projects a cost and time frame arose each for tools and optional components. This a sharp calculation and tender of the OEM was made possible, which often resulted in the award of contracts. Tools could then quickly be ordered to comply with the tight project timeframe.

Data Protection Management

The privacy less costly, more precise and comprehensive manage Crown soft incorporating several new objects in addition to the objects of cloud and TOM (technical and organisational measures) in the data protection management system logs opus i. Crown soft reported: “so there is still the new object types checklist as well as optical device (E.g. video camera). The cloud plays an ever larger role in data protection management. Cloud is a private work area supervisor deal with their findings, notices and recommendations document. Because the information about the cloud not necessarily good in the process directory can be filed, the Commissioner can now use this new object to the documentation and attach to affected procedures as needed. It turns out in practice that documenting the technical and organisational measures (TOMs), as it is required in 9 BDSG, is too expensive for each procedure and may be pushed into the future and forget will. Because it perfectly adequate is to document the TOMs once per location and then associate with the procedures, in opus i, now the new object of TOM recorded.

This new object provides its own data entry mask for the necessary data and integrates with the data protection procedures. So the Commissioner has first version less and less maintenance because the update work be done only at one point. With the help of the new object optical device to enable the data protection supervisor in sensitive areas, about the video surveillance, to document specific dates that stand out from the normal procedure data due to their sensitivity, clearly and professionally. Also to this object, the Commissioner can save a specific data collection form. Checklists are used like tools in the area of data protection management. You will be used for a variety of purposes, about to check out using mobile disk, the Regelkonformen use of Voice over IP or the use of mobile means of communication (Smartphone, etc.). Such tests, observations or notes may be added in the today used Verfahrensdokumention while, but it is better to create the check-list, to fill and to link the objects involved in data protection documentation”. Gerhard Kron