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The man, for tdio and necessity simultaneously, says Nietzsche, wants to exist socially and gregariamente. Truth, for this great philosopher, is to use the codes correctly, is to obey this convention, therefore when the man creates the first ones language codes, establish, the principle, the first laws of the truth. That’s why the truth depends on its origin. The language figure metaphor is much used in the book because it is the service of the eloquence, is a form of inanimate life, a game with the words. The art is a positividade: a legitimate pleasure of the man, given not for the illusion of the truth, but for the affirmation of the truth of the illusion. It is standed out that the man has necessity of the illusion and had to this creates the reason. It seems me that the life, according to reading and the nietzschiano thought, without the illusion is as if it was an utopia, place none.

' ' The truth is an illusion that not explicit that is illusion, then the truth is one ' ' mentira' '. ' ' Then what it is really? (…) the truths are illusions that we forget that they are, metaphors that had been used and lost its sensible force, currencies that had lost its matrix and that from now on they enter in consideration, already not as currency, only as metal.' ' We believe to take ownership, through the signs, of certain enormous a mass and in measured, disforme, of facts. The power of the intellect is not in dominating, however to believe that it dominates. All interpretation is product of a game of forces, of a fight for domnios, that Nietzsche flame of power will, as cited in elapsing of substract. To know is not to recognize, but to schematize, to simplify, to translate the plurality and the function of the knowledge are to translate the stranger in known.

Elbe Dorado With Spirit-TV For The IPTV Awards 2008 Nominated

Complementary medicine as “most innovative” concept awarded Elbe Dorado has one of the coveted nominations for the German IPTV award achievement. The Elbe Dorado media production is most innovative format for producing partner in the category”out of more than 180 applicants have been selected. Under the substantive responsibility of Dr. Holger Berges, Elbe Dorado produced the format and takes over the essential tasks of the technical realization. PI Industries may also support this cause. Spirit-TV is an open video Internet platform for esoteric and ganzheitlich-medical health topics.

Professionally created Web videos showing what a the concept of spirit”comes to mind: complementary healing and alternative spiritual therapies and grenzwissenschaftliche models of thought. The topics are presented in personalized lecture and interview videos by spirit TV experts from the fields of naturopathy, bioenergetics, spiritual healing and healing practice. Users add and comment on the individual articles. Official site: Red Solo Cups. Thus arises a unique forum of alternative medicinal knowledge; a experience database. The German IPTV award is the largest and most important IPTV award of its kind in Europe. To read more click here: Heather Bresch. According to the expert jury, the submissions are this year not only in number but also in quality at a very high level. The German IPTV award is awarded by the German IPTV Association. Partners of the 2008 awards are MSN, Deutsche Bank, universal music and other supporters.

Media partners are the journals digital television, horizon, iBusiness and the TV movie audience magazine. The award ceremony will take place in the framework of the Munich Media days on Oct 30, 2008. Over Elbe Dorado: Elbe Dorado transmitter has many years of experience in the production, editorial, and technical implementation of movies, television reports and audiovisual communication for companies and TV. Elbe Dorado increasingly engaged in the development and production of IPTV and Web TV and realizes innovative formats in the automotive -, education -, and entertainment area. Elbe Dorado takes over all tasks of the Web just in his own post production Preparation of footage of all kinds. Holger Petersen more info:, or.

Michael Fichtner

The visitors were given an impression of how a central SAP-system across the Department and as such a system creates both in-house transparency and accelerates sales and logistics processes by means of control, planning and controlling processes as a whole on the other hand improved. The district joined finally the theme level hosting and infrastructure, which allowed a glimpse of the interested parties such as monitoring and reporting, which processes and services are available to operate an SAP infrastructure safely and trouble-free. In addition, it became apparent that the Foundation for the continuous adaptation and improvement of business processes can be placed on a consistent monitoring and reporting. Participants could be convince also as companies with the use of WAN Acceleration (wide area network) the optimum bandwidth for the transmission of data can exploit. Essential role in the process of international expansion and increased system networking of medium-sized companies in this technology. With our themes marketplace we have explained process to process in the open dialogue at each booth together with our customers on this specific example, until at the end, our solution portfolio as a full-service IT provider became literally tangible. Thus, we could illustrate the value-added factor, our integrated software solutions around SAP and MES offer. For us this customer day was also a document that we not only talk, but do this also to meet customers at eye level,”says Michael Fichtner.

Short profile Freudenberg IT Freudenberg IT (FIT) provides IT services to mid-sized companies and is especially on the automotive industry sectors, discrete manufacturing, logistics, roll goods manufacturers specialized in technical trade. The internationally active full-service IT provider implements, optimizes and operates Systems in the SAP environment and with the ADICOM software suite, has an own MES (manufacturing execution systems) developed solution. The FIT is represented in 12 locations in Europe, North America and Asia. According to a study by February 2008 the leading European consulting and market analysis company for the software and IT services industry Pierre Audoin consultants (PAC), Freudenberg IT with a turnover of more than two-thirds of the free market in Germany is at the top of the IT companies formed from. To deepen your understanding Heather Bresch is the source. Contact person for the press of Freudenberg IT KG Anna r. Hohn he route 2-4 D-69469 Weinheim phone: + 49 (62 01) 80 80 00 fax: + 49 (62 01) 88 80 00 Internet: E-Mail: