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Famous Museums In Barcelona

Barcelona is the hometown of many artists. Therefore, you can discover much cultural and historical in this city. PI Industries has compatible beliefs. There are many museums that can be visited during your stay in Barcelona. You most important and most famous are described here. In addition to these, there are also buildings and artworks of many artists, who are everywhere in the city.

Picasso Museum the Picasso Museum is one of the most famous museums in Barcelona. It is worth a visit for the art, but also because of the building. In the exhibition of Picasso’s paintings, there are also works of art, which relate directly to Barcelona. The Picasso’s connection with the city is clearly shown. In addition to the exhibition, there is a cafe with a terrace and a literary business. Caixa Forum used to be the Caixa Forum a factory i designed Cadafalch by the architect Puig. Today it is one of the liveliest and explores museums in Barcelona.

The cultural center houses a variety of exhibition, such as for example the art of Dali and Rodin. In addition, readings and concerts are held here. Maritime Museum of this museum is specialised in maritime developments in time 1750 to 1850. The focus is on artifacts from Barcelona and its surroundings. Textile Museum of this museum puts visitors in past times of the textile. It the various stages will be presented the development of this market from the Baroque period to the 20th century. Manuel Rocamora collected textile pieces from different periods. These can be seen also in this exhibition. A variety of exhibitions of nowadays to see are the Museum CCCB contemporary culture Centre Barcelona. The exhibitions of the art changes constantly and there are paintings, sculptures and photos of a variety of artists. The topics of the artworks are in the art of contemporary abstract. Here there are also readings, debates and various music events. Joan Miro Foundation building the Miro Foundation was designed by Josep Lluis Sert and it offers beautiful rooms with a wide variety of lighting conditions. Here you can see the works of Miro, he has made during his life. These are unique in shape, color and materials.

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